Wednesday, September 19, 2012

walked into ihop... and i had that image of my once in a lifetime soulmate who departed way too quickly... and spoiled me...
then she gets up and walks to the loo
and i thought she was a character out of true blood... , the vampire series...
it was almost a dream moment...almost surreal...
and i know some of my favorite readers
will wag their finger at me
that homegrown is the best...
and so i do feel some gratitude to dad in law
who gave me his troup of marines that went to 'Nam
dad i.l. wrote down the group
and wanted me to show it to my best friend , Charles, who has actually fought there..

so the idea of this marine tribe continues to flow
and the connections with my good mate continue
perhaps he's my muse... a Watson to a Homes?? perhaps...
u roll ur eyes...
aah life is so short, but often a little medicinal herb helps the reminiscing and ruminating(??)

i suppose i might get a lecture in my future about
the types of shows that might appeal to me
and the thoughts that can ruminate in a man's mind...
but today after taking care of some business
and will continue to do so tomorrow
the engines are already running
and the pilots are ready for takeoff

colin Murray loves planes
and now wants one with a remote control!!
he loved the model plane we put together and painted the other beautiful rainy day in the ozarks.... in our little tree house...

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