Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor day.. and I chose to take it easy with a passion…   while flipping back and forth between cnn and fox just to see the  way our possible future could go.. at least for our family in the states...
we will avoid coming back for too long, if romney wins!! so i decided to write
There was a connection with all the different times.. he could go into his past and feel  all the memories and visions of this  very large ancient turtle  ..

this turtle befriended the tribe in his 20’s… born around 1840
This was the same year that the boy’s great grandfather in Scotland was born.  One son went to Oz and the other to fight and die against slavery..
the turtle was living at the time of the american civil war, when this aquatic hominid tribe thrived..

in the xmas of '65 just before his 10th birthday, he felt the connection
to the turtle when he stood on it's very large hard shell
As the turtle breathed it’s last breath on land…
 when he  saw the turtle, he had know idea that it was still alive
until he felt it’s energy... briefly all the life of the turtle was flashing in his mind like a dream... he could see all the images that the old turtle saw before he parted..
he looked out at the seas and saw what he thought were a group of swimmers.. he was starting to become near sighted and could not make them out clearly, but when they saw him spot them, they all went under the water out of sight. Then he thought that he saw a large group of fins go underwater, with only one remaining staring back at him.
The creature barked at him in it's own language, that he at first could not make out, but then realized that it was trying to talk to him.. He kind of understood it almost telephathically , that the creature's tribe was there for the turtle's last moments of it's long life before he parted ...

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