Friday, August 17, 2012

because it's a cloudy day, i'm the only hominid at the pool.. it's nice to have it all to yourself..
i liked the convenience where i could just walk to the pool within 30 secs..
now it's a 3 to 5 minute walk..
when we all start out happy it has a good effect on the whole family...
i've almost ran out of any herb from the different varieties of cheap leaf to arkansas homegrown   buds from last November
sadly this puter only has a 30 minute charge..
i've fixed a delicious burrito breakfast with ground beef, fried turkey bacon, mozarella and 4 jumbo eggs cooked seperately...
even fussy Colin ate a lot!!
after the warming(cooling) rain our family feels more together than it ever has
especially after last night's silly argument (over limiting our intake of beer cuz it's 60 miles round trip
and my better half is often incapacitated the next day)

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