Tuesday, May 29, 2012

wow, thanks so much s, for helping us find jesus :)... im sure we cant do to bad with a carpenter named jesus :)... hope r enjoyed the weekend..
.. i hope the place wasnt too messy.. we are moving into a condo by the 85(?) pool and a good of the lake

a few hundred feet below us.. it has a balcony which i wish our place had the same balcony!

its beautiful and warm here.. doesnt get dark until 9 now so the extra few hours of light are nice.. the temp was 93 fahrenheit (33 c?) and it will get hotter...

i think well enjoy it this time more getting away from in laws and im going to teach colin to swim!

love from john angela and colin.... he calls his cousing tj , "Tommy"!

thanks for keeping me posted s, miss going for a swim with n!

went swimming today and i still feel in good shape, so im planning on staying on that when i swim at least twice a day!

the ocean in oz is still very inviting, but the warmth of the pool is easier while im imagine im with the mysteriously evolved mermaids of the south pacific!

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