Monday, May 14, 2012

the passage of time with friends lost and wasted efforts that never materialized
is one of the saddest...i look out on the beach and just see an innocent time
without worries and total freedom.. i look out on the beach and see all of that
and then the future here with my family
living on the beach has i think been the most rewarding...
now I'll spend sometime in the last week with my son while my honey flies back to see her first son graduate
and i'll be heading back to reality
this last week has been so beautiful and being on the beach is sometimes
the only place i want to be
and share the same feelings about the sea as others..
i don't want to think abut the future and let myself get stressed
when it's a lot easier on your mind to live day by day
the cold autumn wind has come through blowing away the aboriginal/indian summer
so colin and i have gone into hibernation watching movies
and me spending a little computer time
as we recover from getting up so early in the morning...
while my honey flies back to the northern hemisphere and warmer weather!

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