Thursday, March 29, 2012

wow.. so much has happened...
I admire the way aussies , especially the surf lifesavers , have dealt with this tragedy...
the parents wanted the games/carnival to go on
so it continued today at a much calmer beach ..Kirra Beach...
I was still hearing the helicopters early this morning..
i woke up and went out on the search myself.,,
a small chance that I would find him as I swam with my goggles
and green jersey..
so others could see me..
I chatted with stu and then went back in...
I came out and then found out that they found him about 2kms up the beach
he had travelled that far with the strong current overnight...
it was sad and you dont know what to say to others...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dealing with tragedies... and ecstasy... or momentary happiness
being on the wave and feeling her..
we started off with another fantastic Aussies (australian surf lifesavings championships)
I volunteered the start of today with lifesaving patrol...
with no clue about the future ...or maybe a morbid fear or anticipation of accidents happening out there in the impending, sometimes inpenetrable surf...
I watched intently as they battled through the waves, first waves of 15 year old and younger youths swimming underneath the waves and then with boards..
they were all excited about their lives and coming to the coast while they have a little vacation away from school..

with no idea what was impending...
I watched with my binoculars a little worried when I saw the boards fly high into the air
and making sure they didn't hit a child
if they did would I swim out to the sand bank with my rescue tube?
or would I ask them to radio the man on the skidoo or the Irb??
I imagined the accident with saxon bird when he met the ski knock him unconcious when it hit his head 2 years ago...
they called off some of the events while the officials decided what would be best for safe competition...
I worked till 1245 checked out and had the lunch...
then I rode my bike home and chatted briefly with my good friend, Stu, about the conditions..
he was worried about the height of the surf that these young children would have...
they could easily panic and lose their confidence in the surf..
I worried about those boards flying like rocket jets into the horizon...
landing on a poor victim doing far more damage than the local bull shark
I took a nap falling asleep to the computer for my avo nap...
I awake to hear helicopters loudly over my hourse...
I think that it's happened...
someone has drowned
and then I looked out my window to see 4 or 5 helicopters hovering over where the accident happened...
I knew then the bad news...
I heard what I expected,
could i have been there instead of taking a nap
and been there to help?
those silly kind of thought permeate through my mind...
and wondered about when I saw the skis the fly up into the air before someone saw him hit..
and the crowd of lifesavers could do nothing as they watched..
was it this same form of helplessness that would overtake a crowd??...
but they kept searching for the poor boy somewhere lost at sea..
at this moment the search jeeps keep driving down our beach
with the torchlight flashing towards the sea to where a body could be floating in the way the turtle was last week..

Monday, March 26, 2012

all of it.. this month... signs, perhaps... a vision of something wonderful,...perhaps...
the butterfly effect... we can have a ripple of        positive...
but learning how to ride this wave...
I caught the wave in this race
to come from behind into the middle of the pack

I can race with the best of them when I put in the effort...
and believe for wonderful things to happen...
the turtle, a young man riding a shark, my good friend, Stu, saving a man's life before my eyes...
are there angels to guide you..
or little notes sent to you from heaven...

a wonderful birth on this wonderful island               
and perhaps, John Garvald,
if you take that wave

I had that sense that I was in that wave....
and there was that extra power...
happy I had a few practice waves in the early morning warmup...
 it will happen...


As usual, i passed out early..about 8pm after much beer at the Surf Club and some socializing...
not the best regime for champions the day before the race...
so I woke up at 130 am not able to go back to sleep..
i thought that i wouldnt need half a sleeping pill (night time excedrin)...
so I took the half at 130 and it didnt even make me drowsy...
I was still awake enough to do well in the surf race in the over 55..
I was 15th among 28 swimmers and finally beat Leonard Cook, and missed out on Bill Haylock..
they have beaten me in all the other races this year...

so I know that Im at least peaking...
I felt like I was winning in the tube rescue race, but swam to the wrong buoy , perhaps missing out on winning a medal in the final... oh well...
but I feel now that I can beat at least half of my competition over 55 in Oz!
a little more intensive training and I'll be winning in the masters!

so im discovering a new person out of this racing in the surf...
taking a wave after waiting for her and she arrives..
i could have been with her just a little bit longer...
and perhaps be 9th instead of 15th..
being in a race with the best of them that are my age and a few years..
im finding out more about my inner fortitude about what i can do that i didnt think that perhaps i had that strength... and discovering, yes... I do have the strength..
I am a father and I see the strength in our son's eyes...
and we can do whatever we want as a team...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was talking with one of my best friends and mentor, Stu, about all the bizarre occurences and coincidences about the last few weeks...

landing on the shark and taking her for a ride!

it is only human perhaps, to analyze all this input....
I talked with Stu about my dad taking a pic of me      standing on the turtle as a young excited 9 year old...
leaving the plastic sand mold of the green turtle
at the edge of my dune vegetation perch...
(now my child watches the little dvd player with  his favorite movie and my wife sleeps...)
Im about to go for a swim after my liter of                 freshly ground expresso coffee to motivate me...
I'm a little to relaxed to  prepare for the Aussies...
happy but not satisfied with 2 4th places  in the state  championships for the surf swim and tube rescue races...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A man was attacked by a shark on the Gold Coast this evening.

The victim was a 20-year-old student, who was mauled after falling off his surfboard.

He suffered a 30 centimetre bite wound to his calf, and was treated on the beach before being taken to hospital.

Witnesses have described the moments following the attack.

“He came into the beach and he was waving his arm around, I thought he was joking, like he was a playing a practical joke.”

Yesterday was a bizarre day. I wondered if something was going on down the beach in the early evening before sunset. A young bloke was surfing doing acrobatics when he landed on a young bull shark. The shark did not enjoy the impact of the board on his back and bit the unsuspecting young surfer. The surfer was able to swim to shore and get help when he arrived. He could have easily lost his leg when being shaken around by the shark. The shark fortunately swam off after the incident.
This was the only shark attack on Mermaid Beach that I have heard of. Am i afraid. I'm much more afraid of the agro drivers who go way too fast on Hedges, especially for my son's safety!
I went swimming wearing my goggles. We noticed a helicopter hovering over the surf this morning for a few minutes, perhaps hovering over where there might be an errant shark!

"Man stable after Gold Coast shark bite

Updated: 08:45, Wednesday March 21, 2012
A surfer is reportedly in a stable condition after being bitten by a shark on the Gold Coast.

The man emerged from the surf at Nobby Beach about 5pm (AEST) on Tuesday with a gash to his leg, the Department of Community Safety says.

The Nine Network reports the victim, 20-year-old student Billy O'Leary, was bitten by a bull shark on his daily surf.
He saw the shark swim away, returned to shore and called for help, it was reported.
The man was stable and conscious, even giving a thumbs up to television cameras as ambulance officers treated the wound.
He has been taken to Gold Coast Hospital. Eye witness account of shark attack (ABC News)

Map: Nobby Beach 4218
A surfer has been taken to hospital after being bitten by a shark on Queensland's Gold Coast.

The 20-year-old man suffered wounds to his lower leg in the incident that happened at Nobby Beach about 5pm Tuesday (AEST).
It is believed he may have landed on a small bull shark while doing an aerial manoeuvre.

Chief lifeguard Warren Young says the man has deep gashes on his left calf that will require stitches.

"He feels like he perhaps landed on it - he's come off his board and landed on it doing an aerial," Mr Young said.
"That's what he's said to us, so maybe he's landed on it and it's reacted.

"I guess your skin's really soft in the water and sharks have pretty sharp teeth."

Mr Young says such attacks are uncommon.
"When you look at the number of people who surf in this area day in, day out, and the many thousands of surfers, it's still a fairly small fraction of time these things happen," he said.

"Being a small shark and the water's a bit discoloured, you're not going to see it ... we think it was perhaps a bull shark."
Mr Young says a number of factors were in the man's favour.

"I guess it is lucky that the lifeguard stabilised it straight away ... he wasn't panicking and he at first thought he'd landed on his board, cut himself on his board then he realised he had been attacked," he said.
Friend Tyson Kolkka says they were both paddling for the same wave before it happened.

"He was on the inside and then he went it and I watched him just race down the line and didn't look any further into it," he said.
"I was waiting for him to paddle back out or walk up the beach and I couldn't see him.
"Then all of a sudden there was my other mate was waving us in and I looked down and Billy was crawling up the beach and I didn't know what happened."
Another friend, Shane Cable, was sitting on the beach and watched the incident unfold.
"I ran down and he had two massive gashes," he said.
"The lifeguard had just put everything away and he was just walking up to get in the car and leave.
"Luckily they were still there for five more minutes and they came down and chucked some bandages on it."
Fellow surfer Tim Windisch says his friend was lucky."He was trying to yell out for help at the beach but no-one knew what was going on," he said.
"I was still out there surfing, they were trying to wave us in, but I didn't know what was going on.

"Luckily the lifeguards came down, bandaged him up and that was it. It was a quick process really after that

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day of the turtle!

I had visions of my encounter with a gigantic turtle when I was 9...
and the slides of me on the turtle as a young eager boy
awaiting the world
and then seeing another turtle, perhaps much older than me
being washed up on the beach alive...

I was internviewed by KC of NBN news with the camera
punking me as I look up to see the camera on me for perhaps my 15 minutes of fame
I mentioned that the lifeguard Stu could bring out the defibrillator if the old animal needed reviving...
and my experience with a turtle being washed up almost a half century ago...
barnacles were encrusted on his back...
I touched his shell to perhaps say hello to him and let him feel my connection to him..

It was strange how I left the turtle mold for son's sand creations at the edge of the dunes, as if we were waiting for him
and then again seeing my son's "baby can read" flash card with turtle fall down in front of me...
and the images of me seeing a turtle as a child and in my dreams..
a good friend(LA?) said I was a visionary, maybe I am....
who knows out there what the vision could mean??

Thursday, March 15, 2012

 It's a big day for the state titles ..
I woke up and now I can't get back to sleep ...
it will be up the road at Broadbeach..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I was thinking that with the full moon and the recent saving                 of a young life right before my very eyes...
and then such beautiful moonlight romantic evenings      stiting in our little "Abo tent" ... an affectionate term for our little encampment on the beach!
I was feeling psychic that maybe this moon brings positve things throughout the world..
perfect days and nights for the weekend..
hopefully , it will culminate with a win in the surf race this weekend!
lets pray I wake up refreshed!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


A Gold Coast lifeguard had to revive a construction worker after he was shocked by 6000 volts of electricity on a building site today.

Veteran council lifeguard Stuart Keay was patrolling Mermaid Beach when he was called to the aid of the concreter at the construction site of a house on exclusive Hedges Avenue.

"My friend who is a builder on the site ran down to me and said, 'come quick, one of the workers is dead from electrocution'," Mr Keay said.

Advertisement: Story continues below The 58-year-old lifeguard reached for his defibrillator, oxygen mask and bag and ran to the scene, where he found the worker lifeless on the ground.

"He was cyanosed, he was blue," Mr Keay said.
"The builders were working on him. He was on his back and they were doing heart massage and resuscitation.

"I told them to take his shirt up and I put the defib pads on."
Mr Keay and other workers stood clear as the machine shocked the man once.

"We started the heart massage again and we did that until the machine said 'stand clear, shock advised'," he said.
"We shocked him again and then continued resuscitation and heart massage. I could feel a pulse, but I waited to see what the machine said.

"It said, 'no shock advised'. I knew then that he had a strong pulse.

"We rolled him on his side and he actually started to breathe."

Just as paramedics arrived at the scene, the man growled: "What's going on?"

In his 39 years as a lifeguard, Mr Keay has saved the lives of many, but he rebuffs any suggestion that he has earned the status of hero.

"It was a pleasure to use the skills and the training. It just worked out well for that guy," he said.

It is understood the concrete truck pump being used by the man came in close contact with overhead power lines, generating the shock.

The man was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment.

Immediately after the man spoke, Mr Keay returned to his watch post on the beach.

"It's just another day at work," he said.

Read more:

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

While getting some coaching I witnessed one of the most fantastic things in my life. Seeing a life being saved!
Congrats to Stu Keay for saving a young man's life today after he was electrocuted by 11000 volts while working on the house near the surf club! He hooked him up to the defib and the man's heart was beating before the 3rd attempt from the defib.
Stu remained calm and continued giving cpr in between attempts. The man started speaking as the parameds walked up asking what happened.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

2 3rds and a 2nd in the relay...
Gold Coast titles were fun, but I       could have been in much better condition...and beaten my opponents in my age group!