Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad (Colin Murray senior)

Dad would be 96 today, he would have had fun today watching his grandson with his name grow up and meet new challenges.. it was a gorgeous day for you, Dad, if you are still looking over the rip where we poured your remains for the tide to take you out and in, so you became part of the ocean and golden sand we run and surf in... what better place
for lovers of the sea..

I dont know what to write, but there are so many other moments in the day that I'd like to express myself..  the biggest joys lately are just the living vicariously through our son's little victories.. we were so proud of him in his first swim lesson since coming back to  what he calls "Oklahoma"
and seeing how is he getting smarter each day..
without the tv (just a very tiny little dvd player with a minute screen to help occupy some moments) we are bonding much more as a family
with fewer arguments over the volume, cept now I like to crank up some songs so colin can do his rock and roll ditty!

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