Monday, January 30, 2012

today was the most gorgeous day in a fortnight of rain and yucky weather...
it was so uplifting to go outside during low tide with my son
and see the sun's reflection dancing on the waves...
the ocean is finally cleaning the water turning from brown to blue...
all the dirt has almost sunk to the bottom
and I have been brave enough to swim with goggles through the dirty water that now looks much greener/bluer
I've scrounged up a few logs from the beach before the city council came out with bull dozers and cleaned off the beach like nothing happened..
and we can see the golden sand that was underneath it...
our tent is parked now beside the little logs
one has the shape of the upper thighs of a woman..
I'll show you a picture sometime if someone doesn't snitch it...
we've been planning on our family going to Pizzy Park for some practice swimming in the pool
but my wife prefers to have a nap
so I guess I'll just write you a note
while  the cannabized moment is still fresh in my mind...
a few mornings ago, I was dreaming that we were already back in the states
and I was depressed thinking we were barely here and how time is accelerating to the end result (old age and death ): but then waking I realized we have only spent a third of our vacation and still have time to do a lot of things
I'm especially excited that angela has started working on her bronze and will have the confidence to go out into the sea now, while Colin gets more confidence with the waves everyday!
physically punching each wave that comes his way
how dare these waves knock him down!

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