Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is the anchorwoman for Fox News


then, boob job helped her model for GQ

This lady who calls herself a journalist took offense to an article written by a journalist named Sullivan who used to like Bush. He stated that critics of Obama lack intelligence.
 She and fox love to criticize our president because she gets paid to cut down Obama and show her pretty face , but actually looks likes she's had a messed up nose job since this photo was taken in her prime years.
now?  fake nose job for fake news
 so fox just uses her to give her american audience a hand job?
does fake news believe she's pretty enough or fake enough
to help her male audience to be distracted enough to believe her?

I don't watch TV let alone Faux News (even though fox is the only cable news show here in Oz)
since our TV went into a coma, but I have seen how rude this lady and other fox anchors have become to their guests. I believe they are trained to be this way so they can bully their guests enough so the audience will have believe the host of the right wing biased shows.

"40-year old Megyn Kelly is a mommy again! The FOX News star gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday, the network announced on the air. The girl, Yardley Evans, was born at 10 AM on Thursday and weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces. She is Kelly’s second child with husband Douglas Brunt.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia, Megyn Kelly, an up and coming Fox commentator who did a piece for GQ with some pretty sexy images (Dec 2010.), shows that she’s likely had some work done on her breasts and possibly a nose job. She most likely enhanced her look with breast implants and refined her nose with rhinoplasty."

"I had a very strong inclination that her nose was as fake as the "news" that she delivers. so I looked it up and found out that she was a very likely candidate. Most women show how obvious the plastic surgery is and usually doesn't compliment their looks. It's these type of women that are basically plastic inside and out.
watch this hilarious utube video of about how vain these gox anchors are!

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