Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a paradigm shift

I had one of the best days with my family today...
we all woke up early, eager to get outside and seize the day
we sat down briefly on the chairs under the downstairs patio
while sipping coffee and oatmeal..
I say good morning to the not so friendly neighbors
who perhaps still harbor a grudge
and don't like to see us playing
on the communal yard that unfortunately might distract them from the gorgeous view...
we then proceeded down to the beach where I taught my honey to relax in the deeper ocean
while I had her arms on my shoulders and swam elementary double arm backstroke
at that moment I was my honey's lifesaver!
to reassure that the rip in the calmer waters would not take her
then a local couple up Ocean street sat down next to us
and then angela was taught by sally some yoga

later I went cycling with my son in our baby carriage with pillows

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