Saturday, January 28, 2012

Former President George W. Bush lied to FBI Director Robert Mueller in the Oval Office to protect White House programs that secretly eavesdropped on Americans, according to an upcoming book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tim Weiner.

In "Enemies," the former New York Times reporter reveals the extent of the bureau's long war against terrorists, spies and anyone considered subversive, including American presidents. Among its explosive claims, Weiner reports that the FBI was penetrated by agents working for China, Russia, Cuba and al-Qaeda and that the bureau gathered evidence that was sufficient to impeach Presidents Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan

Both men had sworn upon taking office to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Only one still held to his oath.

"The president pleaded ignorance of the law and the facts. He said he hadn't known there had been legal problems with Stellar Wind. He said he hadn't known [Attorney General John] Ashcroft had been in the hospital. He said he hadn't known Mueller and (acting Attorney General James) Comey had been blowing the whistle. He was almost surely deceiving the director, and deliberately ...

"Bush promised to put the programs on a legal footing. This did not happen overnight. It took years. But based on the president's promise, Mueller and his allies backed down from their threats to resign. Bush kept the secret for twenty more months."

mission accomplished. Guilty.
It would be really nice if they finally arrest this pig who f//ked our country... maybe the wickileaks will really come up about all the illegal activities we let this criminal get away with... Oliver stone did a movie but actually made a sympathetic character out of him as if he didnt know better... the truth will eventually prevail when Hollywood has the nerve to put out the real truth like they did with Nixon. I believe Nixon actually did far less than what they get away with now!

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