Saturday, December 29, 2012

its a full moon tonight, and this would be the perfect night to see the elusive Mermaid whom youve been waiting to see all your life, also looking at the moon... the tent has a wonderful view of the moon, ive placed my comfortable chair with the best view of this gorgeous shimmering dancing light on the phosporus of the surf!
im thinking of the surf swim race tomorrow, wondering whether to go for it or tank it...
it would be so wonderful to take the race

i sometimes feel the strength of our family.. i have to be tough with my let him have a little discipline and learn to mind..
he is so gorgeous, he will have his choice of girlfriends..
time flies and i dont want to get depressed about thinking how time flies so fast...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

it was nice volunteering with the surf club for 2 days

lots of things that i(we) have to do for the new year!!
i have to get going on my Mermaid tale!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

everyday with my son is fantastic lately but Im sad that I didn't get to see Colin's reaction to his bike, but he loved his  body board , a hand me down present from my great american neighbor, Mark!
I didn't get to see Colin stand up on the board!

Monday, December 24, 2012

its xmas day and im having a nap, staying up a little late chatting with friendly neighbors for a change! feeling xmas spirit more than before, but it's all about our son...
and seeing the look on his face with new sword and armor from crazy clarks, a fan to keep us cool when we have leisurely naps...
it was nice connecting with the other lifesavers doing a couple of hours of xmas patrol... they brought out some great food,... chicken, ham, huge prawns, potato salad.. im glad i stayed the extra hour of patrol!!
now im having a nap, and wish some of this aussie heat would go your way, steve!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The New York Post and the New York Daily News tore into the National Rifle Association on Saturday for the gun lobby's bizarre press conference held in response to the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.
On Friday, the gun lobby broke its silence to comment on the Connecticut school shooting, which took the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults. In a widely-panned public appearance, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre blamed gun violence on everything from video games to the media, and advocated placing an armed officer in every school in America.
Responses ranged from disgust to disbelief.
The conservative New York Post, which called LaPierre a "gun nut" and "NRA loon" on its Saturday cover, may be taking its cues from its owner, Rupert Murdoch. In the wake of the shooting, Murdoch spoke out about the need for stricter gun control.
"Terrible news today," he tweeted. "When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons? As in Oz after similar tragedy."
Saturday's New York Daily News cover called LaPierre the "craziest man on earth." The tabloid also published a pro-gun control cover last Tuesday

after living in oklahoma most of my adult life, it sounds about normal for the national redneck association...

it seems so sad that there is such an obsession with guns compared to australia...
i just feel a lot safer for my family when there are so few guns here in Oz....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

this morning was fantastic!! realizing the greatness of fatherhood!...
after i had a swim and joined in with Stu and Trudy's workshop on the beach...

then Colin and Angela joined in and i was so pleased to spend time teaching him to surf on the boogeboard.. he was just soaking it all in and getting involved with everything where the other children were in!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

after a sleep and swimming in the ocean for a workout, and my family comes out to swim with me...
everything seems all better...
especially when they say the world will end tomorrow..
sometimes when i think things are wonderful, it all just seems to fall apart..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

i couldnt resist writing about  the sunday surf swim... I felt good in the water, but the handicap was too severe after the chairperson decreased most of the backmarkers by 1 minute , essentially increasing my own handicap start 1:15 over other competitors. The race was fun though with the harder challenging waves!
so the young very strong teenage swimmer, Sarah, took off 45 seconds ahead guaranteeing her another 1st place for the year but with a very low starting time. Cale was finally able to place in the sunday race being also a benefactor of the very subjective chairman.
The results were snatched away quickly before I might be able to examine the times that are always discreetly missing when posted on the bulletin board.
Hopefully they will be posted tomorrow so that I continue to inform about the race!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

its after 420 in nsw time, but unfortunately we are in qld because they dont believe in daylight savings time, so the sun will set in only about 3 hours during the longest days of the years... i have to program myself to get up early and then take a nap at 8 or 9am without drinking the coffee!!

a French friend from over 3 decades wrote this:

While magazines and TV channels talk about the lives of celebrities, the Chief of the Kayapo tribe of
has received the worst news of his life: Dilma, the President of the Brazil, gave his
approval for the construction of a huge hydroelectric power (the third largest in the world).
It is the sentence of death for all people living close to the River, because the dam will flood approximately 400 000 hectares of forest. More than 40,000 Indians will have to find new places to live. The destruction of the natural habitat, deforestation and the disappearance of several species are facts!
We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and shows the real price to pay for the "quality of life" of our life says "modern"
There is more in our world of place for those who live differently, everything must be flattened, that each on behalf of globalization, should lose its identity, its way of life.
I beg you if this you unworthy, forward this message and send it to everyone you know
Thank you for the life and bio diversity

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

bummed out.... not sure if im giving out too much info about myself in facebook, and when to come out of the closet with this way too revealing blog about my last 8 years of my life...
i feel that i can tell more of myself but then less .....
as im still anonymous to some and then there are folks that might not like or
even just resent my lifestyle...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the surf was the biggest and wildest since arriving here in Oz!!
i saw a workout group from mermaid enjoying the surf goiing way out there
in front of our home and then body surfing!!
i couldnt resist joining in the great but dangerous body surfing ...
what a wonderful backyard playground!
this is the best place in the world to raise a family
or at least as far as ive been!
can we say lucky or blessed?

Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday's short race was confusing with all the swimmers in the water working on their bronze and proficiencies!
After being excluded from the race, I had to hear about the race from several competitors, while anxiously waiting to be judged at my lifesaving competencies half an hour later..
again the race was designed to the front markers, veterans of many decades of surf life saving...
3/3rds of the previous surf administration were medalists../.

the fastest swimmers with huge handicaps finished last

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Im thinkin late at night, happy to here in oz, but thinking about this surf swim race as a chess match, but me being down a couple of pieces or missing the queen...
after almost 2 months my handicap(time we start after 0) has come down to 6 minutes... when my handicap reaches down to 530, i should have a chance of at least winning 3rd with at least a cup of coffee!

the rules or times can be corrected (fudged) at the chairman's discretion .
The race often keeps the times that competitors finish with at the end of the year...
but often swimmers will lay off a year , so that they somehow are forgotten and manage to start the year with a very unfair handicap to their advantage.
This would give them a 45 pt advantage before others that were given unfair disadvantages come down to a more competive time.

all finishers should come within 1 minute of each other if the race was fair.
in the start of the season some swimmers were finishing the race before i and some others even after me had started!
i will continue this some more,,,
but half  of a  motrn pm from the states is working so im off to sleep soon!
(that motrin pm incapacitated me today...until i finally went for a warm up swim and chat with stu)

today ended up great knowing that im getting in better shape.., i reckon that ill be able to keep up 4o second pace for each 50 meters ... and eventually continue that pace for 400 meters.. maybe if i do that i could be a medalist in the states and perhaps the aussies!!)

Friday, November 30, 2012

another great day as far as this short little parking space on this world;s limited layers
the moon is shimmering right now as i hover between views of this beautiful lady beckoning to look out for her and be enchanted with her reflection of the hot sun....
and understand how she draws you in as she does the low and high tides....
stretched to their natural limits under her draw...

i found my camera and so i can take a fleeting picture of this beautiful moment in time...
land she wants you to believe in this fantasy land when you see her reflection glimmerring back to you

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is how brainwashed right wing Yanks are!

Bobo BRENT Bozell is even more right wing than faux news with his blog,
the sad thing is so many right wing nuts believe what he is spewing!

The conventional wisdom has emerged that in order to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” politicians in Washington must agree to some method of tax increases (“revenue”) – which will be real, even if low taxes are not the cause of our ills -- alongside some kind of promise of spending restraint on entitlement programs, which is our problem, and which no one believes Washington will restrain.
The American left and our “objective” journalists – same thing, I know – are not helping the nation balance its budget. As usual, these partisan hacks are obsessed with tearing the Republican coalition apart, limb from limb. By empowering the GOP moderates, they drive the conservatives into exile. These liberals are dishonest, but not dumb. They have no intention of honoring a pledge to curtail wasteful spending. What they want is GOP civil war. "

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

wow... jamie lee curtis is getting old.... i was so in lust with her...
but i see some of my pics and im  looking older, but lately better as the kilos melt off in the hot aussie sun and the cool pacific!!
what a day it was again , just to see my son learn how to swim with Tara at Pizzy Park is so wonderful!
maybe he could be coached by Dennis Cotrell before he becomes olympic material like the chinese were taught in the laps beside when we were going for our once per week training!
or am i delusional???
and the the moonlight was fantastic as usual, so i didnt want leave for pizza or even beer...
so i couldnt find my camera!

please lord, help me find my camera!

Monday, November 26, 2012

im often afraid to tell you how great things are, because then something bad happens...
i suppose my biggest fears are the terrible things that humans do for petty reasons,,,
out of jealousy or just showing they are higher on the pecking order...
regardless, i have to keep a positive frame of mind...
like knowing when ill win the surf race...
and finally after 5 weeks, we are almost there...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Only in Oklahoma!

An Oklahoma state lawmaker oversaw the installation of a 2,000-lb. granite block depicting the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol Friday, amid fears that the monument will spark a costly legal battle over its constitutionality.
But before state Rep. Mike Ritze (R), who sponsored the initial bill and whose family donated $10,000 to fund the project, worries about fielding a suit from the state’s American Civil Liberties Union, he first needs to deal with spelling errors, The Oklahoman reports.
The rose-stone block reads “Sabbeth” instead of “Sabbath.”
And at its base, the tenth commandment reads, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidseruent.” It should read "maidservant."

and do you wonder why I call it the Okie Zone?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

wow... what a day for our son, Colin!
I am so proud of him the way he loves to grab each moment of the day !!
waiting to play with his favorite friends on the beach,
then playing some frisbee (which i discovered swimming with goggles looking for the treasures hidden amongst the algae and other debris)
then losing this wonderful frisbee with an amazing 70-100 meter throw right smack into the hungry rising tide of the sea..
i kept swimming in the shallows trying to find the missing ufo... spinning into its freedom, but almost standing high in the strong ocean wind... it cut through the headwind facing me when i threw...
i was amazed at the aerodynamics...
i resigned myself to the idea of losing something wonderful that was a gift from my mistress, the sea,
and then taking the toy back with an amazing flight for freedom(??)
it was the sacrifice to her for this wonderfully lazy lifestyle on the beach....
and so we set up the little wading pool in our backyard...
my wife took some pics of us frollicking in the pool...

then colin finds two older friends to run around in the sun...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

i didnt know whether to start it out with a large anaconda after devouring it's victim
to talk about our human race
and it's possible future...
sit doesn't have to end in armegeddon like so many southern christians believe
we have a tough road to take

but i often think if we just use our energy wisely on the right things!
maybe our dreams can come true
I was wanting to upload some photos...
there have already been 4 surf swims and i've lost 4kilos of baggage
what have we learned as far as the "resilliency" of our family...
we have overcome many obstacles on this journey to where we are now
and so many still ahead
but if we work and proceed just one day at a time..
austerity is the key for now
until this major project
1. writing a book
2. and our family becoming permanently Aussie
3. enrolling my son in kindy(?) at Broadbeach State School(the school where I ran as a child through the 5 meter wide grassy lawn easement that went all the way to the  young school... (it was built in '62)

colin taking his own picture!


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

as usual the right wing whining about the media!

Throughout the very long presidential election cycle, two trends remained consistent. The media lauded Obama no matter how horrendous his record, and they savaged Obama’s Republican contenders as ridiculous pretenders.
From the start of the Republican race in 2011, every candidate who took the lead then took an unfair beating. They even slimed Sarah Palin in case she decided to run. Martin Bashir announced she was “vacuous, crass, and according to almost every biographer, vindictive too.” Newsweek mocked Michele Bachmann on its cover, making her look pale, confused and nutty, with the headline “The Queen of Rage.” Politico and other media outlets tried to pin sexual harassment claims on Herman Cain without naming, or even knowing the accusers.

Read more:

we have a long road ahead!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

a long roaD AHEAD... FOR US AND OBAMA!!

esse est percipe!!   to be is to be percieved!!
when we have a vision and a dream... and perceive
happy that our leader will have another 4 years to achieve what he couldn't do before...
i've imagined a life
and others want us to have the world where we know that we will be taken care of!

i was confident that Obama would win but still wary of how the way Bush stole the election from another possibly great leader...Gore... and perhaps we would never have been mixed up in another 2 vietnams!!
 what ifs??
perhaps a better less evil republican party will evolve out of necessity... perhaps a more reasonable moderate Bush, but it would be scary if he ran in 4 years as the neoconservative war machine would perhaps take over continuing our endless wars!

cant complain about the view!


Sunday, November 04, 2012

i havent written much lately, while im just absorbing fatherhood fulltime on the beach....
enjoying each moment , while happy with so many things almost as if we could be blessed...
after i have had so many challenges in my life and surviving them...
and becoming proud of the person that i believe that im finally emerging into...
a picture of a wonderful life would be to self actualize as a person...
overcoming life as if it's a chess match...
and loving my son unconditionally
even if he puts soap on my toothbrush...
or eating half the chocholate bavarian cream pie
underneath the bunk bed in the back room while he screams holy hell...
but then yells
and i cant wait to hug him
it is amazing how he has become the love of my life...
and understand while everyone including his nana and papa love him so much....
we are blessed to be his guardian!!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

i went downstairs to admire the almost full waning moon...
realizing my own mortality...
i think of a friend who had his wake up call at a much younger age
and then i get a glimmer of what my own mortality could be
when i walk across Hedges ave.
and suddenly see double with much better acuity...
it was bizarre
i closed either eye and didnt see double
but then I could walk just shutting one eye
to a chair
to see my beloved ocean one more time
and eat a halloween mini candy bar
the uneasy feeling wondering when the double image
fades away with each bite

hypoglycemia or
a mini stroke....

and I hug my son that evening
and play frisbee with my son more than i ever have
having discovered my son's new toy hidden among
the seaweed about a 100 meters out from shore...

the feelings run across my mind that night,
with frustration at my own body's fragile shell
and the necessary need to establish the bucket list....

and this Mermaid tale needs to be written!

so we pass it on from one generation to the next
we live through our children
they will be around when we are gone...
my son picked up an old birthday card for dad's 90th birthday well over 6 years ago
written so beautifully by my neice...
i epiphenize they will carry on our conciousness..

life is ever more precious to enjoy every moment while on our very brief and small parking space

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bateup brings dog back to life with CPR

Hayley Bateup moments after she performed CPR on Jack, a drowning staffy, at Lake Hugh Muntz.
ANIMAL lover Hayley Bateup has taken her passion for canines to another level, stopping a Nippers training session to save the life of a drowning dog.
White staffy Jack was playing with his sister Jess at Mermaid Waters' Lake Hugh Muntz yesterday about 4.45pm when he went under water and did not come back up.
His owner, a Mermaid Waters man, managed to pull Jack out of the water and Bateup said the owner appeared to be "hitting him on the neck."
Bateup, who was training her Mermaid Beach Nippers group, said she rushed over.
"They told me the dog was dead, so I started compressions while the owner did mouth-to-mouth," the ironwoman said.
Bateup said the CPR took about two minutes and she did not think Jack would survive.

"We didn't get a pulse for ages. It was full-on," she said.
"All the kids and parents saw it.
"His heart rate came back and he just laid there for a while trying to breathe.
"His tongue turned from purple to pink so he was coming back to life.
"I was very surprised we got him back because it was taking so long."
Bateup rescued her chihuahua Chi Chi and pomeranian Stevie from the Animal Welfare League and can now add resuscitating Jack the staffy to her list of achievements.
Bateup said it was the first time she had resuscitated an animal.
"I've resuscitated a person after a heart attack but never an animal," she said.
"It was a pretty similar process. I knew exactly what to do and just trialled how much to push down on his chest.
"It's such a great feeling."
The owner will send the dog to the vet this week and told Bateup he would come back next Wednesday to Lake Hugh Muntz to see the group again.
Bateup said the Nippers group called it a day after the rescue.

way to go, Haley!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

we've been her for over a week and now
I'm at the Broadbeach mall for a little internet and connect back with the world

Friday, October 19, 2012

G'day Mates to this very "dear" country of my heritage!!

amazed that we are finally here!!
like a long lost ostracized cousin from "American Vacation" in Oz.
(There hasn't been a version yet, but I am eager to write the script!!)
..would u imagine Dennis Quaid in the star role as my caracter looking for a parking spot for his travelling van...??
  a nomadic "hippy" family looking for a friendly space to park!!

and the story of this elusive aquatic tribe , that finally reaches home

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

WASHINGTON -- There is an old saying among economists that the best way to assess the state of the economy is to look at people's underwear.

OK, there's no such saying. But whe
n he served as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan did use the sales of male underpants as a way to take the temperature of the country's economic well being. And if the Maestro were to take a peek right now, he'd find evidence that things are gradually improving."

well I broke down and got some walmart underwear and socks for our Oz adventure...
still worried about kamikazee redneck arsonist squirrels...

Romney is a con man salesman!

If this slick salesman steals the election with the lying republican machine, we will stay in Australia for as long as we can and seek citizenship to escape this declining country dedicated to the very rich 1%!
How can we continue to increase military spending by 20%!!
Our country will not be safe for my son!

i wonder what would happen if we found out he was a sociopath  "your neighbor is a sociopath" (famous book)... he was a bully like Bush....

Friday, October 05, 2012

surfing for mermaids?!!

what do u think of that title??
that elusive mermaid that possessed his mind throughout his adult life,
 was it like crazy people that believe they had alien encounters, on mysterious driveways of outer suburban/ country KC , missouri...
all stemming from his encounter as a child when he believes(??) he saw this mythical creature...
the voices echoed in his mind from that encounter...
it was a melodic enticing honey laced love song that sounded part human , part melodic mammal
he was starting to get near sighted before his 10th birthday, so he couldn't tell the gender of the
person(??) or marine mammal
the early morning mist and fog made it more difficult to see the creature..
 the ocean was as still as a calm lake which made the moment even more magical
as the boy would love fantasy stories of mythical creatures...
and would often sing "puff the magic dragon" who lived in hona lee as he ran to school on the grass pathway to Broadbeach state school
his schoolmates would laugh at him when he told them about this amazing visit
and even his parents would question him as if he was  mentally disturbed
and even had him see a kid shrink...
so he learned to keep his mouth shut about the whole experience...

this melodic sound would invade his mind and haunt him until he had to come back to the sea
to hear this song(??)
that would only be heard on very still mornings when there was very little wind...

is that one hundred words, LA??... i need to do this religiously when Im in Oz, if I ever have the hope of putting something together the great american/aussie novel...
100 words a day x 100= 10000 words... is that even enough for a novellette..
like the Hobitt was the beginning of the famous Tolkien trilogy...
don't roll ur eyes!~!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

i couldn't resist showing this photo of an urban pot farm in cold chicago, just waiting to be harvested...
unfortunately, only the corrupt cops that keep a little for themselves will only get to enjoy it!
a helicopter spotted the growth covering 2 football fields!!

in the meantime, we are going through the usual stress of packing ...

Friday, September 28, 2012