Sunday, December 11, 2011

recovering from the weekend!

weekends are the busiest and most fun time of the week... culminating on sunday with the handicap surf swim race...putting on the brakes , so my handicap won't increase until I'm in shape...

ive been feeling better losing about 3 kilos in body fat, but increased muscle weight, seeing what my old body and lungs can handle!
losing the TV reception was the best part of our relationship..
now we don't fight over the volume and I have to let go of my obsession
with the news and how the world is    faling apart!
now, we are all asleep before 9
and I was awake before the rest of the family
when the ocean was still
and I had my most intimate
meeting with my dolphin
only about a meter away from me
and i wonder at first in admiration of such b eatuty and intelligence
swimming right beside me in the crystal clear water
and then wonder if it was attracted to the reflection of new waterproof watch!

then later I did the  timed swim with stu
so I can be proficient to continue lifesaving with the club and competing
after losing my extra american luggage!

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