Thursday, December 29, 2011

I could easily get frustrated with some things, but  what I have noticed about things is that I keep getting back up and I'm ready for the next surf swim race...
I weigh my tactics
I see the way the rip is going
and I go with the flow
duck diving underneath
the waves, swimming under them as I grab the sand
and I know that I'm making distance past the biggest waves (in life)
and I'm ready to have smooth swimming around the buoys
before taking the winning wave of my life
and catch her in
with the energy knowing that I can easily outsprint my opponents to the finish line...

I went to bed early tonight after going through the trauma of shopping with my wonderful  family...
Ok...I'm on a shoestring budget, hoping the $ doesn't run out
and so I don't get the sympathy of those that are having to work for a living..
and either are possesed with the green eyed monster of envy or her uglier sister, Jealousy..
I was just figuring everything was going great with the neighbors of our lovely Parthenon apts..
older brother, Ron, thought of the name back when our families acquired the inexpensive large block of beach back in 1965 just before Australia went from English currency (pounds, shillings and pence) to the decimal system.
As usual, we've had thoughtless tenants living  in our humble abode on the beach
 wreaking havoc with very loud parties overnight and even blokes sleeping on the roof (that should be a balcony)
 and so se sense  there already  there is some animosity from some of the neighbors as we walk by them and perhaps make the mistake of saying
 and find ourselves engaging in conversation with someone that doesn't want to talk to us..
so will it be the same ole same ole
or will eventually the folks that don't like us
well, it's happened in the past and it will continue to happen
as people come and go,,,
but some are the keepers who accept us for who we are
and we don't have to change for them
 sometimes  people that like us will  serendipitously move in next door...and actually are happy to see us
so what can I do but just wave hello or don't even acknowledge them as we run by them
avoiding the angry stares of those 2 green eyed sisters
eager to sprint into our ocean beckoning us each morning...and pray that a shark doesnt eat us...
and taste the clear salt water in our mouth and look through the crystal blue sea
with the wonderful chance that a beautiful dolphin will swim by us with a smile
as she dives for brekkie..

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