Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How about a cheeseburger in PARADISE?


and celebrate the event for 2 days, since I was born in the states and it will be Thursday, Friday!
logic... could life be any better?
but it might be harder to find anybody with a better lifestyle than us...
swimming in our backyard several times a day, with a chat with Stu and the lifeguards..
living the "no worries" lifestyle...
being with other who share this love for the sea
in what feels like a small town/community by the beach seperated by the Gold Coast 4 lane highway
with the large divider and 4 lanes of agro aussie drivers!
so much to do all within a quarter/kilometer of our home...
and then training for our proficienies this saturday
with the English contigent of our club...
...moonlight beckoning me
and now rain comes across the sea..
so much ...where we are seeing everthing from the edge of this great island/continent!

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