Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FIRST DAY , according to the solstice, of summer in the southern hemisphere...and my family will be in the sun too long
made coffee, freshly ground with aussie honey and whole milk....
for my wife to take down to our perch,

so she  sits on our little chair at the edge of the dune vegetation (grass) overlooking the beach..
(she'll be burned again, for not wearing her hat)\and frolics in the little pools or rivers of the rip during low tide...
while I look after colin
 he watches an aircraft movie about going back in time to       to just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, for about the 100 th time... he watches it about 3x a day...he's obsessed with jet fighters...
so I have to watch Colin and delay my morning swim...because "happy wife, happy life"

last evening, I had so many epiphanies, wishing I had a tape  recorder to ell u all of them...telling English Mike from downstairs, while sitting on our favorite perches on the edge of the dunes...of my dreams and wishes coming to fruition...
a life on  the beach....
 cramped people in overcrowded cities
might give their left testacle for this lifestyle...
 folks here have this lifestyle/play as their priority
and their various careers most often come second
to their mutual people

my son has just run down to see Mama!
and has left his movie back in time
putting that period of his movie on pause
and I walk down the stairs to make a
mental image of this beautiful connection
and seeing he can chose to inherit this
and be a fair dinkum Aussie born mate of this wonderful southern land.!
I'll bring down our beach tent and we'll camp out
withstanding the 30-40km winds from offshore..

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