Tuesday, December 20, 2011

as usual, I did a bunch of writing and it was erased frm this damn computer!
I was telling you that we have a low carbon imprint lifestyle, with the TV and car not working... I could get into why the car isn't working, but maybe that's a good thing with the agro drivers here on the coast... so now I have to get all the groceries in my baby buggy hooked ingeniously on my bike.. Colin looks forward to going for rides with me and I get more exercise, so I've lost 4kilos!
I only have 11 more to go to get to fighting weight where I'll be on the younger side of my new age group for surf swimming competition with the lifeguards!
We go to be early , now without TV and Colin wakes us up soon after dawn, often as early as 5 am...so that is the best time to check out the calm Pacific in our backyard..and I won't miss out the lifeguard workout 200 meters up the beach at 6!
so what can I say, but happy days are here again...
and folks actually came to my birthday party on our lawn, without the hostile angry neighbors upset at us for having the cheeseburgers in paradise barbecue on the lawn overlooking the beach!
They have left...just like the angry hostile republicans will soon leave congress, and Obama will be able to his job, when they are gone!

and the world be will be on the road to recovery!

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