Saturday, October 08, 2011

wow... finally on... had all sorts of titles for this essay about the transformation of the hippie movement... somebody/machine keeps messing with my password..
maybe I have too controversial a topic  if the revolution...
I have to write the script and get it published... for the way it is, the way it was, and from that , the way it will be... various scenarios of the not too distant future.../

I need to write about the similarities between now and 67-68 with the revolution(mostly peaceful revolution)... with the endless war in Vietnam and now the even more endless AND HOPELESS WARS IN THE MIDDLE(east) OF CHEAP OIL!
Fort Knox could be empty and when we find out, the where will be a drastic change... when we have to pool resources, when we don't depend  on the dollar but what we produce ourselves..
oK i DIGRESS...if u know anything about me or have been reading my blog , u see that I let it happen..
im wanting to write to you but Im frustrated with the interuptions but then I see an article about someone who changed the world...
that is the nice thing about writing on my own blog,my own personal computer... and it wouldnt have happened.. I wouldnt have the chance to connect to so many... I can reedit these little essays...
just knowing that Im putting out my original thoughts or even thoughts that are part of this collective conciousness while I try to ignore this fly on my calve.. and won't wipe out it's existence because of it's irritation or will I????... just missed him/her/.. I finally have internet on this upstairs balcony as a perfect place of retreat... while the buzzer goes off telling me Colin has been changed and we are ready to go swimming!

Defending Life’s Work With Words of a Tyrant
, On Thursday October 6, 2011, 10:17 pm EDT
SAN FRANCISCO — The first time Steve Jobs ever bullied anyone was in the third grade. He and some pals “basically destroyed” the teacher, he once said.
For the next half-century, Mr. Jobs never let up. He chewed out subordinates and partners who failed to deliver, trashed competitors who did not measure up and told know-it-all pundits to take a hike. He had a vision of greatness that he wielded to reshape the computer, telephone and entertainment industries, and he would brook no compromise.
Maybe it is only the despair people feel about the stagnating American economy, but the announcement of the death of the Apple cofounder Wednesday seemed to mark the end of something: in an era of limits, Mr. Jobs was the last great tyrant.
Even in Silicon Valley

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