Sunday, October 09, 2011

some of my readers are asking about this "revolution"???
I have an old French friend
who comes from a country that once inspired America
perhaps to start off with throwing the British tea into the sea...
I don't believe that it was inspired by the very conservative and powerful richest 1% of this prerevolutionary country of yore...
we are on the verge of a big change, because the poorer"99%"
of this country have become wiser about the government and who is really pulling the strings! instead of tea that we are throwing into the sea,
we are throwing out the ideas that have had us tied continually paying to the very powerful oligarchs of America... we will figure out ways to not pay these powerful companies for things we can produce on our own..
and not have to continually pay the powerful plantation owners (ceo's of the richest corporations)

we will figure out a way to throw out their metaphoric tea into the sea!

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