Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fort Knox could be empty and when we find out, there will be a drastic change...
to survive, we will have to pool resources,
the dollar bill will be useless and we will have to produce many of the essential products ourselves!..
if we want to know what's happening, we
the top 1 percent of the richest ceos probably know where it is
and are just waiting for the world as we know it to end...

an another note I wanted a cut and paste of steve jobs:

"Defending Life’s Work With Words of a Tyrant

DAVID STREITFELD, On Thursday October 6, 2011, 10:17 pm EDT

SAN FRANCISCO — The first time Steve Jobs ever bullied anyone was in the third grade. He and some pals “basically destroyed” the teacher, he once said.

For the next half-century, Mr. Jobs never let up. He chewed out subordinates and partners who failed to deliver, trashed competitors who did not measure up and told know-it-all pundits to take a hike. He had a vision of greatness that he wielded to reshape the computer, telephone and entertainment industries, and he would brook no compromise.
Maybe it is only the despair people feel about the stagnating American economy, but the announcement of the death of the Apple cofounder Wednesday seemed to mark the end of something: in an era of limits, Mr. Jobs was the last great tyrant.
Even in Silicon Valley.....
He actually dressed up as Jesus... Hey, I've done that , but on ly the Rez!...far away from Baptist, except the minister holy roller, son, the great Gripka.. who thought he wzas Jesus how dare I dress up in a white bath robe and beard...

I really wonder about Jesus if he came back today dressed as a hippy or tea partier ..
wouldnt he go up to the Big Apple and tell the money changers (wall street) that claim they wan follow him and his word ,
would he not tell them as he did 2 milleniums ago?
" then give up everything for the Poor"!

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