Saturday, October 29, 2011

today is my son Colin Murray's 3rd birthday! what a fantastic day.. I never expected to have this life of being a devoted father (or did i?)...
it will be good when recover in a much healthier place!
where I can take my family swimming every morning before brekkie
after making some delicious fresshly ground coffee
our country is falling apart
where greed is good...
unless this revolution happens
and evolves perhaps where helping other is a good thing at least in most peoples values...

instead of being labelled socialism by republicons or by Bill Oliely from Fox News...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

thanks for helping me fool the country, Karl! Keep bashing Obama on Fox!
I love watching Faux (Fox) News just to see the workings of the very powerful 1%,
with their wizard, Karl Rove, on their salary and calling the shots as if he were a general of the right wing corporate controlled media!
Today, I tuned into the republicon channel to hear him ranting about Obama is a better campaigner than president. ummmmm, and weren't you the brains behind Bush when he had his major boodogles..
ie Katrina, Iraq and the continual replay of Vietnam in Afghanistan!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Computer scientist Kevin Knight of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering told Science Daily that the secret society members shared a fascination with eye surgery. Other possible affiliations shared among the code-sharing knowledge elite remain speculative, however. "Historians believe that secret societies have had a role in revolutions, but all that is yet to be worked out," Knight said. "And a big part of the reason is because so many documents are enciphered.""

I was looking at yahoo news about a secret society... I believe there are many secret societies...
the "occupy wall street " movement is obviously not secret
but the Stone Mason Society/ neoconservative/corporate think tank  is!
and it's finally happening where the 99% are confronting the dominant 1% who side with the artificial insemination  that some folks call "fair and balanced" news...
the tea party was created from this powerful secret society who helped create Faux(fox) News..
even funding the maniacal Glenn Beck to sponsor the Tea Party to march on Washington with their very white and wealthy members...

a lot has been happening. I wish that I could hear MSNBC instead of Faux News and CNN (christian news network)... when we go to Oz, I will hear more factual less  right wing biased information.

well, I often go to Huffpost to see what is really happening without the facts being twisted by the corporate controlled media ...
and unfortunately the right wing fascist police are making a peaceful revolution violent!

WASHINGTON -- The Oakland Police Department fired tear gas on Occupy Oakland demonstrators Tuesday night as they marched through downtown, determined to reclaim the camp that officers destroyed that morning. As the marchers zigged and zagged in search of safe ground, authorities bombarded and barricaded the activists into a drawn-out stalemate that resulted in further arrests.
The local police's use of force seriously injured an Occupy activist and Iraq War veteran.
Scott Olsen, 24, remains sedated on a respirator, in stable but critical condition at Oakland’s Highland Hospital after being hit in the head with a police projectile.
Olsen's roommate, Keith Shannon, 24, told The Huffington Post that Olsen is still in the emergency room.
"Right now, he's under sedation," Shannon said. "He walked into the hospital." But soon after his arrival, Shannon said, doctors found that there was swelling in Olsen's brain and put him under. He did not get a chance to talk to his friend. "They are waiting for a neurosurgeon to examine him to see if he needs surgery or not," Shannon said. If he doesn't need an operation, he'll be moved to the intensive care unit."

I don't believe that it will be as violent as Arab Spring, but people have had enough of the greedy rich taking from the poor.
If Jesus were to visit the Wall Street money changers, he would tell the so called christians, if you believe in me  and desire to follow me, then give up your precious material goods to the poor!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

finally the revolution is here!... democracy will work.. we will have changes...
most of the 99% are becoming wise to how the greedy rich have taken from us without paying their share..
the republicon rich channel is doing their best to discredit this movement!

Friday, October 21, 2011

everything is happening so fast... and it finally   seems that things are on the upswing..
Obama is pulling us out of IRAQ!
and hopefully soon, he will pull out of Afghanistan!
Obama has helped liberate Libya without a singele soldier dying!...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 billion= 0 american lives lost= winning the war and people's revolution!

I suppose having the ring(power) makes for jealousy and envy...
gollumcain gives credit to french and british, but 0 to Obama!
cool...another 1 bites the dust
and republicon never wanna give the poor bloke in charge

so what does Obama do... perhaps , he plays this game of plitics like a chess game!
and gaining enough victories, and save the military            industrial complex from getting too involved
and only a very tiny fraction for victories that never     happened in these boondoggle of wars to profit Haliburton and the greedy corporations   sucking off our money like tapeworms in the heart
of the economy!

Do we need a hero to save our future?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

well, my family is finally back together for a wonderful precious evening of play while we watch tom cruise in the "War of the Worlds" !

and speaking of "class war(fare)" of the world, just as I prophecied, the peaceful revolution (so far) is the best statement of things need to change...not from the faux faux news corporate owned tea party~!



ROME -- Italian riot police fired tear gas and water cannons Saturday in Rome as violent protesters hijacked a peaceful demonstration against corporate greed, smashing bank windows, torching cars and hurling bottles.

Elsewhere, hundreds of thousands nicknamed "the indignant" marched without incident in cities across Europe, as the "Occupy Wall Street" protests linked up with long-running demonstrations against European governments' austerity measures.
well, my family is finally back together for a wonderful precious evening of play while we watch tom cruise in the "War of the Worlds" !

Meanwhile: as I prophecized (trying not to sound vain) the revolution is now happening in our country and even extending into my favorite side of the world , down unda, where they understand that they are definitely in the poorer less powerful , more angry 99%..

"The Occupy Wall Street movement has been gathering steam over the past month, culminating with Saturday's action. The protests worldwide were mostly peaceful apart from Rome, where the demonstration sparked riots.

But it was unclear if the movement, which has been driven using social media, would sustain momentum beyond Saturday. Critics have accused the group of not having clear goals.

In Toronto, a couple of thousand people gathered peacefully and started to set up a camp in one of the city's parks. Protesters in Washington marched through the streets.

"I am going to start my life as an adult in debt and that's not fair," student Nathaniel Brown told Reuters Television. "Millions of teenagers across the country are going to start their futures in debt, while all of these corporations are getting money fed all the time and none of us can get any."

Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters.

citibank Public Affairs issued the following statement regarding today's incident: "A large amount of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated."

To be clear: no one was arrested for closing an account; we didn't lock people in our branch - the police decided to close the branch; and we didn't ask for anyone to be arrested - that is a police decision.

it's popular all over the world, Oreilly, ohannity, and fox followers... think about everytime you tea partiers tune into the station how scared the 1% is of the 99%!!
and I think of my baby, who  will inherit this brave new world...we are on the verge of a large change!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does the Tea Party care about Americans dying?

The Koch brothers are the biggest funders of the tea party movement! If you vote for them and stop environmental regulation, does it matter if you become sick and die? They have many industries that do not care about the health damage they do!

WASHINGTON -- David Bouie, a 64-year-old resident of Crossett, Ark., says something isn't right on Penn Road. In the 15 homes on his street, 11 people have recently died of cancer. The casualties include George Parker and his wife, Ollie Parker, as well as Bobbie Sue Gibbs and her neighbor Tom Perkins, both of whom passed away with multiple cancers. Dolores Wimberly, a former neighborhood resident, says her daughter Laetitia, a nonsmoker, died of lung cancer at 43; and Penn Road resident Norma Thompson says her husband died of lung cancer, while she continues to have breathing problems, often relying on a respirator.

"Whenever we take a trip out of town, our respiratory system seems to get better," said David Bouie's wife, Barbara, who has spent her entire life in Crossett, the largest city in Ashley County. "I don't have trouble breathing, or use my eye drops, or anything. But when we come home, it starts all over again -- the headache, everything."

A provocative new video by political filmmakers Brave New Films says that Crossett residents who suffer from poor air quality and ambient carcinogens are victims of pollution emitted by a Koch Industries-owned paper manufacturer, Georgia-Pacific. The plant is located directly upstream from the channel behind Penn Road. "Whatever's in (the water) is killing these trees," says David Bouie in the video. "You can see the steam coming from the stuff. It gets up in the air, and it flows over where our property is."

Natalie Kottke, co-producer of "Koch Brothers Exposed," said the people she interviewed in Crossett had all worked for Georgia-Pacific in some capacity.

"A lot of their diseases and suffering came later in life, after they retired," she told HuffPost in an interview. "They feel very betrayed by a company that they invested their whole lives in." Many of them bought property in Crossett, expecting to retire there and have their grandchildren come visit, only to find their homes may have made the children sick.

"A lot of them are just realizing the connection," said Kottke.


The city of Crossett, a largely poor, minority neighborhood, has one of the highest rates of exposure to cancer-causing toxins in the nation. USA Today reports that the Alpha Alternative School District in Crossett ranks in the top percentile nationally for exposure to probable human carcinogens, with the Georgia-Pacific plant listed as the polluter most responsible for the toxins.

The film says that many residents have been reluctant to speak out about the situation, in part because Georgia-Pacific, if the source of their ailments, is also the source of their livelihoods. Of the roughly 6,000 residents of Crossett, a full 2,200 work for the Koch Industries-owned subsidiary. And with the per capita income at just $18,288 and 16.8 percent of the population living below the poverty line, most residents desperately need the money.

"It's not like they can go and hire lawyers or get people to come out there and do studies," said Melissa Jarrell, the environmental criminologist and Texas A&M professor featured in the video. "And if they are able to do that and eventually convince somebody to come out there and study their community ... unfortunately what we often find is these studies are inconclusive because they can't link a given cancer to a pollution. That's been the hardest part about environmental crimes and environmental victims: It's just hard to find that link."


"Everyone in the city calls it 'the crud,'" said David Bouie in an interview with The Huffington Post. "When you mention 'the crud,' everybody knows it's the crud that's coming from the mill that causes people to get sick."

Behind closed doors, Crossett doctors will acknowledge their patients are suffering adverse consequences from air and water pollution, David Bouie told HuffPost. But when Bouie asked them to put that in writing, the doctors refused.

In an industry-run town, Kottke explained, people are ostracized for speaking out. They are watched and followed. "Georgia-Pacific security will stroll down the street -- something I saw first hand when I was there," said Kottke. Of the silencing effect she added, "I think it's fear, that's what I gathered. When I was behind closed doors, it was pretty profound how open they were. It's at a point where they're ready to talk."


The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and Georgia Pacific say that all water quality standards are being met, but residents and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, which assisted Brave New Films in making the film, aren't convinced.

Cheryl Slavant, president of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, has claimed that Georgia-Pacific is dumping what's known as black liquor, a viscous stew of chemicals that is supposed to be purified in biological treatment plants, into nearby watercourses. "What's going on here is a crime," Slavant says in the video.

James Malone, a spokesman for Georgia-Pacific, called Slavant's claims "sensationalized" and "politically motivated." He said that the footage of the channel behind Penn Road, as shown in the video, was in fact footage of Georgia-Pacific's permit wastewater treatment process, filmed at a stage long before it enters the river, an assertion he's made before.

Further, Malone said that the total incidence of cancer in Ashley County, Ark., where Crossett is located, is lower compared to the national average and to the state's. Cancer mortality rates in Ashley County have generally been at or above the state rate, except for the latest period for which there is data (2002-2004), when rates were slightly lower, according to state government health statistics. "We're not aware of and have never been provided any data or any study that has validated those claims," said Malone when asked if the plant's emissions were making residents ill.

As for whether Crossett's location might make it especially vulnerable? "If you look at the neighborhood that's featured, it's more than a quarter-mile away from our treatment system," he said.

Georgia-Pacific is, as Malone noted, in full compliance with a federal and state water and air permits, though that's little comfort to environmentalists.

"The problem is the regulators," Slavant told HuffPost. "The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality's way of settling a pollution problem is they look at what limits are set [on pollution] and then lower them."

This statement was denied by ADEQ spokeswoman Cecillea Pond-Mayo, who referred HuffPost to a database on pollution standards. Pond-Mayo also forwarded on a complaint filed with the agency by a "Mr. David Bowie" of 401 Penn Road on June 28, 2011, which reported concerns over "a discharge of sewage within the city limits of Crossett" emitting "strong odors and chemicals that are corrosive to the area residents." In a written response to the complaint, agency official John Lamb said that Georgia-Pacific officials told him the plant's wastewater was contained in two pipelines inside the mill, which then carried the wastewater south and west to head works of the treatment plant.

"No evidence of any overflows was noted on the pipeline," Lamb wrote upon inspection. "Before I left Crossett," he wrote, "I drove down Penn Road and did not see or smell anything that smelled like G-P wastewater."

But something is blackening the water in aptly named Coffee Creek and other tributaries of the Ouachita River along the Arkansas-Louisiana state line. A dark caramel color is visible in aerial photos provided to HuffPost by Slavant.

Georgia-Pacific has claimed that the color is the effect of the tannins and the lignans, which are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants. Such powerful dyeing agents can remain in even the cleanest paper plant's wastewater.

The problem is, people don't know what's in the water and air in Crossett. Slavant is currently pursuing a $30,000 grant to fund research to determine air pollution statistics in the area.


It's not the first time a Koch Industries-owned subsidiary has run into trouble. Koch Industries has spent $500 million in six states to fix environmental violations, the video notes. And the Environmental Protection Agency has fined Koch Industries $30 million for 300 oil spills in six states. The video relates that in 2000 a federal grand jury returned a 97-count indictment against a Koch Industries subsidiary in Corpus Christi, Texas, which was charged not only with emitting more benzene (a known human carcinogen) than was permitted, but with trying to cover it up. Koch Industries eventually reached a plea bargain with attorneys from the Bush Administration Department of Justice, pleading guilty to one count of covering up environmental violations and paid a $20 million fine.

The irony is that, having been diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2004, billionaire David Koch has donated over $500 million to cancer research, even as his company has lobbied against the formal recognition of formaldehyde as a carcinogen. In 2007 he called it the "greatest honor" he had ever received when The Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in his name.

America's environmental protections are under attack in Congress, HuffPost has reported. All of the Republican presidential candidates have taken aim at the EPA, pledging to cut the agency's federal funding and strip it of the tools to address emissions.

But Jarrell says many Americans don't understand the scope of the assault. "Unless it's a major catastrophe, like the BP explosion, unless it involves immediate death and a high body count, there is not a lot of media focus on environmental crimes," she said. "That's part of the problem: People are being poisoned on a daily basis but they're not dropping dead right away. As a result, there isn't going to be a lot of attention, not just from the media but from people who could help, such as regulatory agencies."


There are signs that a movement is catching on. With activists in the Occupy Wall Street movement visiting the homes of millionaires such as David Koch on Tuesday, the film may resonate as it depicts the effect that pollution from a Koch Industries-owned plant has had on the townspeople whose livelihoods depend on the industry.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Brave New Films founder Robert Greenwald explained how he sees the big picture:

What we’ve been doing is finding personal stories so that people understand: This is what happens when money corrupts the political process. It's really as good an example as I think you're likely to find. You see it in Arkansas. The Koch brothers with their power and their money and their influence are literally causing people to lose their lives by taking away the protections that the laws and the EPA should offer. And in this sense, by the way, it very much reflects what's going on in the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is about the unfairness of the system, basically. This video is about the 99 percent versus the 1 percent who are controlling, influencing, deciding who gets elected and what the laws are ...
One of the ways I talk about it is: Politics has consequences, ideology has consequences and here you see it. It's not abstract. It's not a victimless crime when you advocate that there should be no protections. There are victims. There are people paying terrible prices for greed, for money and for this notion that everyone should fend for themselves.

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Video Cancer WASHINGTON -- David Bouie, a 64-year-old resident of Crossett, Ark., says something isn't right on Penn Road. In the 15 homes on his street, 11 people have recently died of cancer. The casualties incl... WASHINGTON -- David Bouie, a 64-year-old resident of Crossett, Ark., says something isn't right on Penn Road. In the 15 homes on his street, 11 people have recently died of cancer. The casualties incl...
Read more from Huffington Post bloggers:
Robert Greenwald Robert Greenwald: Why Do These Koch Industries Neighbors Have Cancer? (VIDEO)

Robert Greenwald: Why Do These Koch Industries Neighbors Have Cancer? (VIDEO)

Koch Industries' life-threatening practices are legal. They'll attack me and cite some gold stars and blue ribbons as proof that they aren't killing innocent people. But follow the money: Through their wealth, the Koch brothers neuter oversight and safety.

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Full Moon's eve over Fairfield Bay....
and then it's full moon... and the werewolf side comes out in you...
you try so hard to be a good parent...
and then the circulation from the high tide inside your body is overflowing with lava and rage...
your desire for time with your child is cut short...
and you make the wrong decision...
but then on the other hand ...
u wouldn't find your little bit of Mexican compressed herb...
and the taste works better than the hmegrown...
and a good sleep last night from a full night time ibuprofen...
helps you catch up on another sleep
with a dream to help you dream that things are not as bad as they were last night under the full moon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

it seems like every couple of days, I have to change my password to get into google...
is paranoia just a heightened sense of reality?
or do I think somebody is wanting to get into my google acct??
I figure, there are a couple readers out there who would love to f...k with me...
and I write a new password
and somehow they get onto it...
\so... LA, or anybody?...
what's up?
things are going well and I'm excited that I can communicate to you from a computer that works well and isn't missing the letter O (colin messed with the letter O on the keyboard and I never could put O on it right along with huge half line going down the middle ...
I figure, when I buy the new screen , I'll mess the ole puter some other way...

that's what I get , when our family is just living on what's left of my dwindling capital...
Indian Summer appears to be over with this rainy front...
and before we know it, it will be time to depart>> we were looking for a boat to Oz..

but I better not tell the date for enquiring minds that mind want to pay an arsonist squirrel to set off another disaster ...
which I won't hear about until we are thousands of miles away...
but at least this time, I have good insurance and great tenants! (knock on wood!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I wrote a whole bunch and it was erased!
I wrote a whole bunch and it was erased!
well, at least the first sentence has been published...
Fox News continues to rant about the revolution...
they fear it, because it is much stronger than the tea party which is just manufactured from lots of money and the rich fear they will lose their precious wealth...
the new revolution comes out of survival and a need for jobs and food!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

some of my readers are asking about this "revolution"???
I have an old French friend
who comes from a country that once inspired America
perhaps to start off with throwing the British tea into the sea...
I don't believe that it was inspired by the very conservative and powerful richest 1% of this prerevolutionary country of yore...
we are on the verge of a big change, because the poorer"99%"
of this country have become wiser about the government and who is really pulling the strings! instead of tea that we are throwing into the sea,
we are throwing out the ideas that have had us tied continually paying to the very powerful oligarchs of America... we will figure out ways to not pay these powerful companies for things we can produce on our own..
and not have to continually pay the powerful plantation owners (ceo's of the richest corporations)

we will figure out a way to throw out their metaphoric tea into the sea!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fort Knox could be empty and when we find out, there will be a drastic change...
to survive, we will have to pool resources,
the dollar bill will be useless and we will have to produce many of the essential products ourselves!..
if we want to know what's happening, we
the top 1 percent of the richest ceos probably know where it is
and are just waiting for the world as we know it to end...

an another note I wanted a cut and paste of steve jobs:

"Defending Life’s Work With Words of a Tyrant

DAVID STREITFELD, On Thursday October 6, 2011, 10:17 pm EDT

SAN FRANCISCO — The first time Steve Jobs ever bullied anyone was in the third grade. He and some pals “basically destroyed” the teacher, he once said.

For the next half-century, Mr. Jobs never let up. He chewed out subordinates and partners who failed to deliver, trashed competitors who did not measure up and told know-it-all pundits to take a hike. He had a vision of greatness that he wielded to reshape the computer, telephone and entertainment industries, and he would brook no compromise.
Maybe it is only the despair people feel about the stagnating American economy, but the announcement of the death of the Apple cofounder Wednesday seemed to mark the end of something: in an era of limits, Mr. Jobs was the last great tyrant.
Even in Silicon Valley.....
He actually dressed up as Jesus... Hey, I've done that , but on ly the Rez!...far away from Baptist, except the minister holy roller, son, the great Gripka.. who thought he wzas Jesus how dare I dress up in a white bath robe and beard...

I really wonder about Jesus if he came back today dressed as a hippy or tea partier ..
wouldnt he go up to the Big Apple and tell the money changers (wall street) that claim they wan follow him and his word ,
would he not tell them as he did 2 milleniums ago?
" then give up everything for the Poor"!
wow... finally on... had all sorts of titles for this essay about the transformation of the hippie movement... somebody/machine keeps messing with my password..
maybe I have too controversial a topic  if the revolution...
I have to write the script and get it published... for the way it is, the way it was, and from that , the way it will be... various scenarios of the not too distant future.../

I need to write about the similarities between now and 67-68 with the revolution(mostly peaceful revolution)... with the endless war in Vietnam and now the even more endless AND HOPELESS WARS IN THE MIDDLE(east) OF CHEAP OIL!
Fort Knox could be empty and when we find out, the where will be a drastic change... when we have to pool resources, when we don't depend  on the dollar but what we produce ourselves..
oK i DIGRESS...if u know anything about me or have been reading my blog , u see that I let it happen..
im wanting to write to you but Im frustrated with the interuptions but then I see an article about someone who changed the world...
that is the nice thing about writing on my own blog,my own personal computer... and it wouldnt have happened.. I wouldnt have the chance to connect to so many... I can reedit these little essays...
just knowing that Im putting out my original thoughts or even thoughts that are part of this collective conciousness while I try to ignore this fly on my calve.. and won't wipe out it's existence because of it's irritation or will I????... just missed him/her/.. I finally have internet on this upstairs balcony as a perfect place of retreat... while the buzzer goes off telling me Colin has been changed and we are ready to go swimming!

Defending Life’s Work With Words of a Tyrant
, On Thursday October 6, 2011, 10:17 pm EDT
SAN FRANCISCO — The first time Steve Jobs ever bullied anyone was in the third grade. He and some pals “basically destroyed” the teacher, he once said.
For the next half-century, Mr. Jobs never let up. He chewed out subordinates and partners who failed to deliver, trashed competitors who did not measure up and told know-it-all pundits to take a hike. He had a vision of greatness that he wielded to reshape the computer, telephone and entertainment industries, and he would brook no compromise.
Maybe it is only the despair people feel about the stagnating American economy, but the announcement of the death of the Apple cofounder Wednesday seemed to mark the end of something: in an era of limits, Mr. Jobs was the last great tyrant.
Even in Silicon Valley

Friday, October 07, 2011

I wrote a few months ago that there would be a revolution here in this country when arab spring was happening...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

One of my readers from KC often looks up phospherine or coceyed optimist   and my site comes up...
It's enjoying our stay in this other little fairfield condo!

it's often cool to go back to an essay that I wrote well (sans the typos and major grammatical mistakes..
when I was freer but not necessarily happier...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I was going to make a trip baCK TO THE OKIE ZONE  for an eye exam and check up... to make sure I'm not having issues with the Laskik surgery at clear sight center and not going blind...
 with this gout flare up, perhaps too many beers...I didnt want to travel...
I want to just stay with my family in this little village..
it gives me the feeling   that we are in an Ozark forest in's a little cramped but so is our flat in Mermaid Beach....
instead of just me, the whole famiily will be taking the trip perhaps down to Greer's Ferry ...
we'll check out the fall colors and the beautiful lake...

our country is at a major crossroads... people have had enough and we are very close to a class revolution.. all over the country people are protesting the status quo of greed being good...
a really true grass roots group will come out of the disorganized state.. will have a common theme
democracy as we know it is gone.... we will figure out a way to get it back!

Monday, October 03, 2011

another gorgeous day with my son!
I love when I have a chance just to devote my day to him and watch him learn!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

"it's kinda funny"

wanting to watch it while I'm typing to you...enjoying the last day at this beautiful condo with this wonderful view of Fairfield Bay!'s perhaps an adolescent version of the "     "cuckoos' nest" cept Jack's charisma sure helped the other story with a sad but in some ways happy for the tall Native escaping by throwing the toilet through the barred window!
this kid escapes (legally), literally, physically and mentally
by falling in love and learning to live again...
15 kilos of blubber to work off in the surf!

that's about 5 lbs a month!

getting on the bike and going to the beach with his beautiful girl...
and his once and future family!