Friday, June 10, 2011

what a week!... taking a little bit of addaboy (1 pill can last a week).. to help me focus on what's important in order to take care of business for my family and their home away from our home in paradise!
It takes a little while to take in our victory... to let myself not to to let people take advantage of me as they have for most of my life... life is a struggle and realizing how we can be on top of it!
My helpers have left while I soak in living in my home again... I just had to experience the enjoyment of living in my own home , that I let others enjoy at my considerable expense!
I saw the flowers blossom in my newly mowed lawn...
and it was nice to take in...
\the neighbor who sided with the criminal as a witness in court kept a low profile until the evening... He'll most likely be nosing into my business again with the other freeloaders who burned down my house...
I hope that he has learned to stay out of my business and not be the nosy neighbor that most people detest!

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