Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's great for my family finally having our own place ... with a wonderful view of Fairfield Bay..
now I was finally able take my  beautiful son away from the clutches of his grandparents (esp. tight ass dad in law who used our jeep for free while we were gone while i of course had to pay the insurance and he has the audacity to tell my wife I'm cheap)
I wanted out of there before we even recovered from jet lag and we were still on Oz time, but unfortunately my wife was reluctant so I looked for ways to spend most of the the summer away from the coldness in the boiling summer,
hoping to eventually get rid of the  non paying squatter   from my home...

 finally  my better half  agreed to cut the umbilical cord  after she was satiated of the extended family
and escape the negativity...
 having our own home for our little family is the best thing for Colin
we can actually stretch out now and not have to play musical bedrooms and bathrooms
while enjoying this wonderful view...

 How wonderful! To be free! Hallelulah!

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