Friday, September 30, 2011

hippie stoner girl

"mmm, maybe I will have some inspiring thoughts after this..mmm,can't wait"
do other folks all over the world have an obsession with their fantasy of the ultimate "hippie stoner girl"
and my site comes up...??
always intrigued with the hilarious searches that come up with my site....
and  how do I segue into the next topic...
well, sometimes we have the best thoughts especially over a good game of chess,
our best moments from our current crop of leaders could have been after a good doobie! ie clinton, Obama, maybe even Bush actually thought he could be president... and the plan evolved when he was doing a Jamaican joint perhaps with the great Karl Rove, the wizard of the dark side

....I'm watching Obama talk about killing the 2nd in command for terrrorists...
If I could only get all the tea party pieces to quit working for the enemy!
so if we were to be looking at a football game... the heart of republican thinking with a high testosterone for patriotism and dominating the world...
Obama just scored a touchdown!!
even though we've been behind from the start with a very hostile crowd booing and cheering at most often inappropriate time.. when we were least expecting it, our quarterback threw a great pass from well before the 40 yard line...

Ok.. I got the terrorists.. next step, let's send a drone to the Koch brothers!

that's all it takes for the quiet sullen dispirited crowd that's been behind our progressive, giving , heartfelt side...
putting ourselves apart from the angry crowd that has booed our half black/half white quarterback...
they wanted their favorite golden boys and girls to read the script that the folks that wanted our team to lose...
happiness and success is the best revenge for these naysayers that wants our team to lose..


If I could only get all the tea party pieces to quit working for the enemy!


it's funny how the ignorant want to blame our team , when Bush sent all of our players overseas instead of puttting our efforts into real defense(our own backyard!)

the real news (CNN) said most (52%) americans blame Bush for our  present economy and fiscal bankruptcy...
overspending...for ridiculous wars for oil,
when we could have sent drones after these terrrrorists!!
and all that wasted money could have taken care of ur infrastructure and health care for everyone for generations!
why doesn't our "liberal media" talk about thaT?  instead Fox wants to compare Obama to Carter instead of talking about how we got the terrorists! something , Bush couldnt do in 2 administrations.. and then
(but his administration ruined our fiscal responsbility and organization in less than a decade.../
and the KKK white party expects the first black president to succeed,,,
they want to do anything from stopping this "uppity intellectual boy  as our quarterback for our team")

they blame Obama for our economy instead of complaining the fiscal irresponsibility              of Bush/cheney.
ok... sorry, I couldnt resist.. sometimes, it smells so good!

that was a really good point, can you clarify?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

somebody from the Okie Zone is a faithful reader..or perhaps it's morbid curiosity??
I have some friends and not so friends out there...
for those of you that might like me, might be happy when we are happy..
or for me I'm happy when others might not be happy when we are happy..
pp,passs   ;)
I enyoy a beer and sometimes smoke overlooking the nice view...
chatting with you blokes out there or most likely to myself in a later perspective in my life,,,
seeing if our family met our simple , low carbon imprint lifestyle in a utopia in Oz..

when I wrote this blog with the wonderful help of LA, I had no idea  a lonely bloke without even a puppy actually conceived this potential lifestyle...
"fair dinkum, mate?"
it was only a pipe dream ...
metaphorically and literally...
esse est percipe"=to be is to be perceived
Dad would often say that latin phrase...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Access Hollywood caught up with the actor at the premiere of this latest movie, "The Ides of March," where he told us that his Lake Como palazzo has a long history of inspiring distinguished newscasters to take a dip in the pristine waters.

"I got Charlie Rose to jump in the water too," George told Access on Tuesday night. "Once, I got Walter Cronkite jump in the lake a long time ago, so now once you get Walter Cronkite, you get all these classy journalists to jump in the lake now."

Im wondering when the day will come when some of my favorite readers will want to go sans the clothes at my Mermaid Beach home...and as usual, angry neighbors who don't want to share...
cept we dont have the privacy Clooney might have in his pristine lake!

Ive been trying to reach LA and friends...tis important to stay in touch.. in this wild world!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

hey!... my inlaws came over and we actually he had fun...
playing scrabble and cooking a great spaghetti dinner with angel hair!

Thursday, September 22, 2011




Begins when an opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the French Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl. He finally drives the lead soprano crazy so she and her friend leave. The girl is able to sing lead one night but the soprano doesn't want her show stolen so she comes back. The ghost demands they keep giving his protégé lead roles. Meanwhile, His pupil falls in love with the Vicomte de Chagny, but the Phantom is in love with Christine, his student. The Phantom is outraged by their love and kidnaps Christine to be his eternal bride. Will Raoul, the Vicomte, be able to stop this dastardly plan? Written by Niki

I was watching Phantom of the Opera and realized how close it was to the Grimm story of Beauty and the Beast... so I did a search and found out that they are very similar !
Im feeling a little creative so I might write a few essays today.. I took my son to the Heart Center where the pool is much warmer.. He swam and kicked in the deep end with his floaties...
then I helped him grab sinkers in 3 feet of water...
we were lectured on the hot tub only being for adults
because babies will grow up to be infertile so that I won't have great grandkids.
I said that Im his dad, also thinking he was a she...
imagine if I still had a beard...
I aint no grandpa as far as i know!

view from our ttee house veranda.

he might have thought that I was his great grandfather!
Hey, It's great to get back my blog...she's like a mistress that I talk to but I'm a little worried that she'll tell the wrong thing to the wrong people (or even the few friends who like me( i think) and then get misunderstood as much as liberal politicians in a red state (like the okie zone)...  the first day of fall has come in with notice it gets us all into a different frame of mind from the lazy days of summer...
now I'm listening to this right wing religious fascist dictator from the axis of evil, Iran , speak at the UN..

"I love execution just like the Iranian bloke especially when I invoke God's will.
watch my sticky index finger!!"
he loves to hear himself speak... which a lot of us have in common.. but can't he write a book instead of dominating a conversation ad infinitum so half the diplomats left the UN...
 he could give us the reader's digest version of his speech ...
( I actually agree with this bloke, Mahmood, about all of our military bases all over the world, calling us slave masters...we need to invest all that money on health care and education! Eisenhower warned us over a half century ago about our ever hungry military industrial complex!Our country doesn't understand what possibly  would  happen when a messianiac dictator takes over our country  with his sticky fingers close to the NUCULAR BUTTONS!)

I'll give u another installment of how we are heading towards a dictatorship or at least an even more powerful oligarchy/plutocracy WITH A ONE PARTY GOVERNMENT... where of course money talks...

"Ohio follows Wisconsin and New Jersey as the latest battleground in the war between Republican governors and labor unions over collective bargaining.
Differing from the recall approach in Wisconsin, Ohio unions have banded together to utilize a little-known Ohio referendum law to put the fate of the state's collective bargaining law -- Senate Bill 5 -- on the November ballot. Ohio law allows for a statewide referendum on laws passed by the governor and legislature if enough petitions signatures are gathered. Ohio unions gathered 1.3 million signatures -- a million more than the needed amount to put the measure on the ballot. Voters are being asked to decide the fate of a bill that eliminates collective bargaining regarding benefits for public employees, and that Gov. John Kasich (R) has said is central to his ability to control the state budget.
While different from previous battles, the scope of the legislation and resulting fight with the unions place Ohio in the same boat as Wisconsin and New Jersey, which have seen similar efforts to battle public employee benefit reforms from first-year Republican governors.
“It was part of a trend, many of the Republican governors elected in the last few years are reforming state and local government,” said John Green, the executive director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron. “Many of these reform packages have changes to bargaining as part of the reform process.”

Green did note that the main difference between the three states is that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) were the primary drivers of the laws in their states, while Kasich backed a bill that originated from State Sen. Shannon Jones, a Cincinnati area Republican. At the same time, Kasich has become closely associated with the law.

"He has become the primary defender of the bill," Green said.

Green said that Ohio political observers believe that Kasich, who pledged to reduce state spending and not raise taxes during his 2010 campaign, would have ultimately proposed the law.

The debate over S.B. 5 could easily be confused for debates in New Jersey and Wisconsin regarding collective bargaining and public employee benefits. Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said the bill was needed to provide "a tool" to local governments to control spending at a time of declining property tax revenue. Nichols pegged the bill as providing a $1 billion dollar savings to local governments. Christie has long called his local government reform package-- much of which is stalled in the Democrat-controlled legislature -- a toolkit for local governments and school districts.

Nichols said the law would allow local governments to protect jobs.

He was was quick to distance S.B. 5 from the other states.
“We are aware of what is going on in other states,” he said. “But Ohio has unique needs.”
Statements from the union side of the equation sound similar to those from the other states, however.
"S.B. 5 was a frontal attack on unions," said Harriett Applegate, the president the North Shore AFL-CIO in Cleveland. "We consider this the fight of our lives."
Applegate was quick to argue against Nichols’ comments about local government job protection, saying that Kasich’s cuts to the state’s local government fund were going to cause layoffs in towns and cities around the state. Melissa Fazekas, the spokeswoman for We Are Ohio, the union-backed group campaigning to overturn S.B. 5, cited cuts of all but one police officer in the village of Mount Sterling as evidence of the layoffs resulting from Kasich’s changes to the local government fund.

Building a Better Ohio, the advocacy group campaigning to keep S.B. 5 as a state law, issued a press release over the summer saying that the measure would allow communities like Mount Sterling to avoid layoffs. This argument was rebuffed by the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, which blamed Kasich.

A spokesman for Building a Better Ohio did not respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.
The Ohio debate over local aid cuts echos one made in New Jersey in 2010, when Christie’s first budget dramatically cut state aid to local governments and school districts, leading to job cuts. At the time Christie announced the cuts, local officials greeted them with a variety of responses ranging from one school official describing the reductions as “draconian” to a Republican town councilwoman calling Christie’s budget “awesome.”
Applegate and Fazekas both said that unions have been willing to work with local governments on such issues as health care givebacks and said ending collective bargaining would not allow this practice to continue. They said that collective bargaining allows for a discussion on local finances and gives unions information to guide decision-making during negotiations.
An August poll showed 50 percent of Ohio voters favored repealing S.B. 5, down from 55 percent in May.

Green said that, along with union-supported protests in Madison and Trenton, the union side has been the most active in terms of driving the campaign. Christie still faces union protests at his public appearances.

"I think we will have a very intense campaign," he said. "The supporters of S.B. 5 have a lot of work to do."
Green did note that he does not believe the November vote will make or break the rookie governor.
“I am not sure it’s a referendum on him,” Green said. “It is a referendum on the law.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


im really bummed out that when I have the best buzz from some homegrown that should have waited till october ... or just keep the baby going till the frost and thne bring her in from the first potential fros.....
but while enjoying this little buzz after my better half's son comes over for my spaghetti and chicken dish before he gets up early for b-all practice..
i wish that I knew that my message was going out there immediately...
and for reason, that my cyberdisability cant comprehend, my site cant be pulled up...
so im taking a chance talking about my herbal habit that I love better than icecream
when Im of course a father and perhaps one day a teacher...
and perhaps students will have read my famous book
and principles or the community will hopefully accept weed ass socially viable means of socializing...
Im at the same pt in my limbos..when I getting used to getting fat
but feel far younger without my beard, but the grey tufts on the side definitely cant hide my age..
... today was fun swimming with my son in the warmer kiddie pool... (which felt 10* warmer than the 100ft long pool within 50 yards of our rented condo...) escaping from as many responsibities except having a full emphasis on the  newly discovered career(?) of father hood..
I stretch my fattening body in the water while colin runs to me and wrestles with me in 2 to 3 feet of water....and his confidence of the water becomes better every day...
soon we will have to be going inside at the 85* water at the Heart Center, hopefully tomorrow,
and I work with him on his swim stroke... and
I'll cajole him into wearing goggles so he'll become more confident to hold his breath longer and totally feel comfortable for long times swimming...
he has a stubborn personality where I see myself and my wife and wonder where the violent streak comes from...
does it come from her genes or have I just subdued the highly testeroned cromagnon caveman over the wearing years of what humans call civilization ...??
(at least I have the knowledge now that this blog saves every minute of writing so all this plethora of writing will eventually be stored on this blog..and I worry about her as a good long friend who understands and accepts my thoughts and dreams...)
now it's 941pm and I've fixed some of the most delicious banana pancakes for my family...
I added 2 eggs to the mixture and I was amazed how wonderful my cooking has become...
(is it wrong to pat myself on the back..)... my son wanted to see the scene where policeman mel gibson shoots the evil ceo of nuclear materials...
his cousin loves shoot em war games where hundreds are killed per minute..
so it must be her side of the family..
just kidding, honey

wow..just discovered there's a magic pencil on the blog, when I want to add some embellishments to my site... Maybe sometime, LA could help me pick out the best essays for my first edition...
and sell a few select autographed copies throughout various destinations on this small earth!
bummer... Im really enjying the last day of summer officially before it gets cold tomorrow with the first official day of fall as the days become shorter than the nights...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The brains behind the tea party:

When will somebody do a movie about this very powerful think tank that has been behind the scenes way before even Kennedy was assasinated or will these film makers offered a bullet or get paid off?

"ARLINGTON, Va. -- A recently-formed judicial "academy" funded by industry groups and conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch is offering members of Congress and their staff free meals and trips in order to "educate" the lawmakers on controversial pro-business reforms.

The group is the Congressional Civil Justice Caucus Academy (CCJCA), launched earlier this year by the Law and Economics Center (LEC) at George Mason University's School of Law. Despite being part of the university, the right-leaning LEC depends entirely on specially-designated donations which come from a core group of about 50 corporations and foundations, including The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, Merck, Exxon, Eli Lilly, Altria, Wal-Mart, and the conservative Bradley Foundation....

when u watch fox news , think about who is funding the message that has been succesfully brainwashing you!
wow.. ive got something in common with Brad! I also know little about baseball and I was even a middle school baseball coach.   I know it sounds unamerican, but I had little interest in baseball until I became the baseball coach at Jackson Middle School in OKC because there was nobody else to fill the position. We had an undefeating season... but it was fun...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm sure some of you are tired of me talking about politics               I'm showing some more pics!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

its finally quiet time to start chirping like an asshole

1 of a few ways to save this country: arrest this pig!

and fire these crazy motherfuckers! or laugh them off their stages!
 some faggot did the above search and of course he/she comes up with my site!...
Maybe it's the closet homo, Grover Norquist, who openly tells his party to despise gays, so dumb ignorant closeminded fucks will continue to vote republican...
because as long as they claim to be christian, stop abortions and eventually birth control, and hate homos, people on the far right will continue to vote for them ... regardless of how they are getting fucked by the govt in every conceivable way!@

Karl Rove and Grover Norquist  have a diabolical plan that is actually working...
but guess what happened to Hitler!

ok..excuse the French but I am so incensed that so many people are being hoodwinked by tea party thinking... I used to think fondly of a tea party being brought up by Aussies who love their morning and afternoon tea breaks.. or used to when I was a child in a very much more English Oz!
but this tea party is an abomination and half the nation doesnt see how they are destroying a once good country who care about the people!


There are so many things most americans don't know about as far as really who the powers that be are and what they have planned for our country and eventually the world as we know it.  When will the general population realize that the Republicans are for the very rich and for the  eventual disintegration of the middle class?
As our roads crumble and the government services  are cut back to nothing, we will eventually be beholden to the very powerful who will privatize as many of our services as they can. So in order to survive and get by on a daily basis, we will have to pay for everything to these private companies controlled by powerful CEOs .   We will be in continual debt to these companies and never be free of debt. We will be basically indentured servants or slaves to the company store owned by the plantation owners!

", At our 25th college reunion in 2003, Grover Norquist — the brain and able spokesman for the radical right — and I, along with other classmates who had been in public or political life, participated in a lively panel discussion about politics. During his presentation, Norquist explained why he believed that there would be a permanent Republican majority in America.

One person interrupted, as I recall, and said, “C’mon, Grover, surely one day a Democrat will win the White House.”

Norquist immediately replied: “We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.”
In a way, Republicans have accomplished that. This spring, in an effort to reduce the deficit, a Democratic president proposed to cut $2 trillion in spending, much of it from domestic programs Democrats have long championed. Last week, Republican leaders withdrew from talks with the vice president on a bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit because, as another part of the solution and like every bipartisan budget deal for decades, the president proposed to raise revenue. Specifically, he proposed to raise $1 in new revenue (through closing loopholes or ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans) for every $2 in spending cuts. In response to that modest proposal, Republican leaders walked out.....It is now clear that the Republican strategy is to drive America to the brink of fiscal ruin and then argue that the only way out is to cut spending for the powerless. Taxes — a dirty word thanks to Norquist’s “no new taxes” gimmick — are made to seem beyond the pale, even as the burden of paying for our society shifts disproportionately to the middle class and working poor. It is the height of fiscal folly. It is also not who we are as a country.
For nearly a decade, our federal government paid for two wars and a costly prescription drug benefit with borrowed money. Our government paid for the Bush tax cuts with borrowed money. Now, after exhausting the budget surplus left by the Clinton administration, the only spending Republicans are willing to discuss cutting is spending that helps the poor and vulnerable — meaning anything that does not touch the interests of large corporations and the very rich. Last December, Republican hard-liners held hostage benefits for people out of work in exchange for an agreement to extend the Bush tax cuts for those who make a million dollars or more a year. Last month, many of the same lawmakers rallied to protect special tax benefits for oil companies that have made record profits on high gas prices.

Meanwhile, some mom-and-pop stores and college students pay more in taxes than some of our largest corporations. Still, taxes are sin to the hard-liners, though they have difficulty demonstrating a correlation over the past decade between tax cuts and economic growth.

Everyone knows that we have to reduce the deficit. Everyone also knows that reducing government spending and addressing revenue shortfalls have to be a part of the plan. This isn’t partisan; it’s pragmatic. Some might even call it conservative. But Norquist and the rest of the radical right have so hypnotized the Republican leadership that they can’t come out and say it. For them, maintaining their rhetoric about spending cuts is more important than preserving the civic investments that make America stand out from the rest of the world.

That political calculus has consequences for the rest of us.

I enjoy sucking the blood out of America
just so we can have even more $!
we deserve's the christian thing to do.

If the deficit is reduced by spending cuts alone and there is no deal to raise the debt ceiling, here’s a sampling of what happens: We stop paying our soldiers or supporting our veterans. We stop feeding the neediest children and families. We stop providing nursing-home care to seniors. We stop inoculating schoolchildren. We stop helping young people go to college. The unemployed are on their own. Roads and bridges continue to crumble. And we jeopardize the creditworthiness of our economy at one of the most fragile moments in history. All to protect the marginal benefits of the most fortunate and the political purity of the radical right.
I remember sitting in the Dunster House dining hall at Harvard with Norquist when we were sophomores or juniors in college, while he explained his view of government, or lack thereof. It sounded logical — the notion that we could live independently of each other, making our own decisions in our own self-interest. But then who puts out the fires? Who answers the calls to 911? Who educates poor children? Who helps people with disabilities?

I’d like to think that the most prosperous nation in human history can have both freedom and security. I think we have reached a point where my personal success is not threatened by a program to help our parents retire with dignity. Voters are smart enough to see that taxes are one of the ways we get those things. They are the price we pay for civilization."
The writer, a Democrat, is governor of Massachusetts.

(By Deval Patrick)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's happening to America, Daddy? I like it better in Oz!

He's everywhere!