Friday, August 12, 2011

wow... a lot has happened thanks to the great help from wonderful help from Buffy's current father, Eric and his assistant, Steve, fixing serious mistakes that the squatter left...
I can't believe how much that they could do in 2 days, what the previous "contractor" (usually that term is for folks that know the building business) couldn't do in 2 years!  Tools were left hidden in the very poor insulation that appeared t be blown in as an after thought... many spots were completely with no insulation...
It looks like nobody  inspeected  the roof and underneath after the very poor work was done..
I'm thankful for many reasons that we were blessed with rain..
If not , we wouldn't  have discovered the 3 leaks, where pipes were poking through the roof...
My help (which has been wonderful) put on 2 x large turbines instead of the cheap vents that replaced the good turbines from the previous roofing job only 2years prior before the most recent hatchet job, some might call roofing!

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