Saturday, August 13, 2011

wow!! the days just become more amazing sometimes!
but I really just can't get into it...
until I write my bestseller and
change all the names to protect the guilty!!
the continual intrigue, cut throatery
as most folks just love to give and take gossip...
and I look for a vibe friendly pub
with the right beers and wifi,
while I talk to you, my handful of readers that
might want to tune into this adventure and on the way a desire for justice
for those who feel they can get away with shit and never be accountable..
will Bush ever be accountable, or will a scheister contractor and his cohorts
ever attone for their indiscretions  before they perhaps meet Peter or the bloke downstairs??
do these folks live on happilly with the after effects of their concience effort to deceive and manipulate??
or does it catch up with poor health or at least bouts of insomnia (ie.  perhaps waking up early in the morning and things bother you enough to know you won't be able to get back to sleep before the alarm clock reminds you of your  daily monotony?)
the young blonde waitress in her cute cut off jeans and  crimson university tee shirt serves you a delicious Boulevard wheat with the lemon enticingly offering herself to partake of her sparkling tastes... and perhaps you wish you could live forever,,,, but... death interupts the love that people have or have not for the love of life....
life is very short, so why not enjoy the  way the lemons sits on your delicious beer...
so you partake and try to not think about where we will eventually go
while trying out the home made remedy of apple cider vinegar and local honey to hold off our inevitable mortality just a little longer!....

and another  sad bloke falls over the more and more enticing cliff (for some folks whose best days are well behind them) at a  relatively young age with an overdose of... pain pills.. 

but I'm sure hoping my best years are ahead of me
as I see me and my family scoring with the winning basket!