Sunday, August 07, 2011

Why did they not question the debt ceiling when Bush went into 2 useless wars based on lies?  When will the American people realize that our near bankrupt government was a direct result of these war and Bush cutting the taxes for the rich and incredibly wealthy corporations?  If you check back on my blog , I was using the tea party's line way  years before the Neocons even started the tea party!  I was wondering when we  our children would be paying for it long before my son was concieved and he was only a dream in my heart!
Of course, this debt crisis happened far sooner than we expected!

I'm sure that some of my handful of readers are getting tired of me talking about the tea party, but I feel that before long the media will forget about the real reason for our economic and moral crisis (the killing of innocent people and our young soldiers). The media have quit talking about the criminal mastermind of Fox News getting off scott free for letting his news organization hack into peoples phone lines just for stories for their papers and TV!
 I kept harping back then how the money used for these wars could have financed our health coverage for the rest of our lives!
Do you realize that it costs us over a million dollars/year for each soldier overseas?

"The first arrest of George W. Bush was for theft at a hotel.

  • The second arrest was for disorderly conduct at a football game.

  • The third arrest, we've now learned, is for a very serious crime -- drunk driving."


    The fourth and final arrest should be for killing over a million civilians and sending innocent young soldiers for a war based on lies!  The other little matter is being the cause for our government to eventually become bankrupt so the rich corporations can take it over!  ("starving the beast")

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