Thursday, August 04, 2011

view from Fairfield Bay swimming pool!

Teach me to swim!

why can't we all just get along??

Is it always about the money?
Do folks look at my bald head and think I'm Daddy Warbucks??

My  2 year old son is becoming very aware of money (Daddy's genetic trait?). He told Mommy to turn off the water when she was brushing her teeth because it costs money!...     
 I made the mistake of saying that's great to be concious of saving$ $
... then the typical family argument started with Nana (il.)  ganging up with Mommy saying that it's ok for her to keep running the water when brushing her teeth
but by the way,   the water bill just came in and for me to pitch in...
I lost it...
Papa(il) has a beautiful large lawn  but it uses humongus amounts of H2O, and I  paid almost half the bill...
we need to quit using so much water Mommy!
so I suggested next time Nana    wants to see her grandson in Oz that she can pay half my Gold Coast Council water bill (it's amazingly 800$ for 6 months!)...
water is getting very expensive everywhere!
so it's about time for another road trip ..
  the inlaws will get to enjoy my son  since my better half wants to stay here in this great state or what!
 My son hasn't even had a chance to see our Okiehome but tells me he wants to see it.. oh well..
it seems like he's destined to grow up like other american kids fat and addicted to video games...
when are we going to Okiehome, Daddy?
instead of becoming the iron baby of Mermaid Beach winning surf races with his Dad on Sunday mornings... che sera , sera....
 How can I convince her that it's the best life for a child growing up on the beach!

it's sad he's never even seen in our Okiehome.  so if I was a bookie it looks like he'll most likely grow up to be an Arkie
instead of being the native born Aussie I wished for so long!

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