Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Listen, George, if you listen to me we'll get our money back with cheap oil!
When will Americans finally say "Fuck you" to the Saurons and Republicons who are systematically destroying the world as we currently know it..
they have their Saruman(wizard of the dark side) in the shape of the porker Karl Rove, sounding now like a veritable voice of reason for the party...
 which is being led Right over the cliffs with the leaders of the tea flake party!
He is seeing the party go down the toilet, because he knows most sane americans won't vote  for the lunatics on the fringe!

Karl, so you think I should sign this declaration of war?
I was chatting with my very good friend, Charles, over the possible future/fate of our country and how scary it could possibly become within the next few years!...
what if Bush and the Neocon party were really behind the  "implosions" of the twin towers, when the explosions went off inside the buildings as they fell as perfectly straight down  as thelarge hotels that were imploded on purpose in Vegas!
They have been succesful in their strategy
 since Reagan and Bush senior took over the White House...
The future is not set in stone or tea leaves...it doesn't look good, but I am more motivated than ever before as if some unseen force is telling me that we have to warn as many people about our potential for our country becoming a 3rd world country or banana republic where we are fighting for minimum wage jobs at MCDs or WALMART,,,...if we are not careful , we will be owned by the very wealthy when they buy the govt and everything connected with the corparate interests..
our country was almost put into default by this machine that won't be happy until democracy is totally gone ... and we have a one party system, filtered interet , no middle class and the poor always in debt paying off doctor bills or to walmart...

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