Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"WASHINGTON -- The new set of guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services this week that will require health insurers to cover birth control with no co-pays have been controversial for a number of reasons, ranging from cost issues to moral objections.
Some conservative groups, such as Americans United for Life, have condemned the guidelines because they might force insurers to cover the morning after pill, which many anti-abortion advocates equate with abortion. The Catholics for Choice organization opposes the fact that the guidelines exempt certain religious organizations from having to cover birth control"
Could you warm up my tea?
But Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) expressed a fairly extreme concern on the House Floor Monday night about the expanded preventative health coverage: offering free birth control to women could eventually kill off the entire human species
It is amazing how these bastard want to cut everything from our benefits and on top of that attempt to force our country have unwanted children on top of our debt load! The hypocracy of this new repub party continues to become gigantic! Can you believe that this man, King, from Iowa really believes this?\
what more could be on their agenda doesn't surprise me anymore in their attempt to destroy our country and its freedoms as we know it??

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