Monday, August 01, 2011

Lord of the Tea Parties! let's have a Sauron sandwich!

southern fundamentalist thinking has won!
Hail the tea(kkk) party... lets make the poor even poorer!
 if we are still in the Tolkien metaphor?
or "satan sandwich" if you are liberal leaning    bible thumper...
whatever reality... we are preparing to let   the fat rich take the meals away from our table...
and Americans are letting it happen!
we let a few neonazis "tea partiers" hold our country  hostage
all of this mess could have been prevented before we let the bastard that stole the last 2 elections
start 2 wars!
2 failed wars pushed by the rich oil companies and their cohorts (Bush/Cheney oil connections)...

Sauron and the tea party trolls took the ring from Frodo...
Honey , it's hopeless here in Middle Earth, let's move back to Oz!

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