Friday, July 01, 2011

wow!!... another summer ground hog month.... with my usual challenges each summer with  our mutual anchor in the Okie Zone... and what to do??
 Ill build a shack right here with a place for my boat
cuz I was storing it in the garage until somebody sed I caint !
Charles wants me to live here... well for a little while,
while the squatter still keeps his refrigerators
in a hostile neighbors' garage....
so he comes by expecting to pick up his shit that he left on purpose and a cheap digital wall clock!
just curious to see his old home where he stayed for free...(so he does the bathroom
and kitchen (claiming it to be granite counters!)..and my friend pointed out to him that it was formica!)
fortunately,   a  reputable builder  actually helped me to clean up his mess and fix the 4 doors he fucked up and the unfinished bathrooms, cabinets and closets, noting again  his overall unprofessional work,
was there to bounce him off my property finally!
and it was funny to see him run off with his tail between his legs...seeing his Mark told him off about his poor unfinished work...
"How do you like the shoe being on the other foot?" 
my friend understood how difficult it was for me to even go inside my own home@! (when I wrote to say I wanted to see my home or show it to a prospective customer, he often refused my access unless a cop was present!)
Hey where can I find a lid for the toilet tank?
by the way, I got a great view at my  new place!
 So after being refused entrance, the squatter went next door and took a Dr. Pepper from one of his frigerators left behind next  door.!..
amazing how come folks can manipulate others so well! speaking of manipulating people (suckers),
he reminds me of the Jesus look alike from the Peace Corp, who temporarily took over the town of Tohatchi when I was teaching there!
....I'm slowly learning how to stay away from these socially manipulative scheisters! and how to pick them out before they get started in doing their damage!
 but I'm sure they'll have some barbecue for  this deposed   chairman of 83rd street...before picks up the frigs plugged into the neighbor's electricity....Imagine the monthly bill for 2 frigs running full blast in a 110 degree garage??? over a $100??
Buffy,what are we gonna do with our home?
and just think about the amount that he's paying a lawyer to avoid the 4800$ bill for the work that was not even started on the shed and guttering!
and to stay way beyond his welcome in my home
  not working or paying the money he owes!!
 The legal fees would have probably paid for a brand new 12 by 12 shed  built by a competent builder, who actually knows carpentry and how to fix doors and cabinets!

 I'm realizing how great it is for a friend to come in need, but from way out of the Okie Zone!        He and LA have been taking  care of my Buffy !  Buffy is with a beautiful family and she's so well loved!

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