Thursday, July 28, 2011

ummm..who started the wars?? umm how much are these wars costing??

When will we hold these neonazis accountable for the damage to our country and others???
What happened to justice in the USA??
  Neocons knew they could blame democrats!
They have had a grand plan for destroying our country financially better than Hitler destroyed Germany..but the difference is that Germany came back and became a financial power... Germans were embarrassed/Shamed to be have been led into ruin by a psychotic,
and now I am embarrassed that Bush led our country down the tubes very quickly... I tell Aussies that I didn't vote for this idiot and knew we were getting into a mess when the republicons wanted to invade Iraq!

 Fox and the right wing media have succesfully distracted us from these stupid wars we started and are attempting to blame  Obama and democrats for the state we are in !!  Have we forgotten about the cost of these wars?\
Why dont we focus on getting us out of these needless wars for oils?
Instead of just focusing on the reason  why we are in this shape??

the audacity of the republiconmen party...
Herr Bush (the bloke whose granddad lent money to the nazis and calls himself Texan) started all these wars for oil with no question about the debt ceiling when we are being attacked by terrorists!.. and we find out like I thought ten years later, that going to Pakistan and finding Bin Laden would have saved our future generations trillions of dollars! For this reason, I want to not associate with most humans.. when my ancestors were cromagnons before civilization over 20k years ago, we might just get our gang of cavemen together and look in all the caves for this bloke who killed our tribe members... instead of going into his territory where he came from and killing half the tribe in the other valley!!
what cave is this criminal hiding in??
"What was the result of the Administration of this “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush? It was the opposite. Just like Hitler, Bush did exactly the opposite of what he promised…i.e., he lied….although with no comparison whatsoever in the deadliness of results. (Although Bush did lie about the reasons for war and his actions did result in the deaths of about 250,000 up to maybe 750,000, and another 3,000 if you included his playing golf instead of taking a serious look at intelligence reports.) ......
But there the comparison ends. The large political forces, such as major pharmaceutical companies, big industrial companies, like Halliburton and Bechtel, and as we now know…Wall Street investment companies….control government rather a totalitarian government like the Nazis controlling them. Today it is all about financial power. These organization control the financial levers of power...
The Big Lie is alive and well today. The big lie now even comes from our legislators, like Senators Ensign, McConnell, McCain, Leiberman, Hatch, Sessions, Barrasso, and many others who call our progressive government Communist or Socialist or some other term that they find ways to make derogatory. They have all voted against a health care bill and supported lobbying efforts to insure that Americans must continue being looted and abused by the health insurance industry. They, plus a handful of Democratic Senators, also part of the conspiracy to leave health care in place as it is, have formed that ideological wall against progressive legislation. These are the remnants of the Bush Administration, ready and willing to do the bidding of the big corporations.
Even though the Bush Administration did not run the big corporations, they did not have to. They are already in collaboration with them on war, social policy, American wages, and…as we have seen from the remaining Neocons in Congress, 100% against healthcare for the people. They say that they are for it and produce a bill that simply takes care of pharmaceutical companies and protects doctors against any monetary loss for killing or maiming your parents, children, spouse…or you....
The policy of complete government control is the same, however. Get all your political friends…not just in your Party, but those within the Party who believe as you do…into powerful and subordinate positions. This is about controlling a country, not about concentration camps and wars. Although, we never did find out how far the Neocons would have gone. If you want to know how far they almost went, look up Presidential rule # 51 set up by George W. Bush in 2008. It created a dictatorship under certain conditions..
Once they had complete control of the Presidency, the Senate and the House, we do know some of the things they did. They did start a war on their own, convict a Democratic governor on trumped-up charges, indicted by a Bush U.S. Attorney and convicted by Bush nominated judges, in Alabama. They had a special CIA section that spied on Americans, and used their newly written Patriot act to check on your video store rentals and library records and librarians were not allowed to tell anyone under pain of federal imprisonment. They picked up American citizens off American streets and sent them abroad to Arab interrogation centers where they were tortured. That is easy to find. There were lawsuits against the government about it. It is public record. Does that sound like the Gestapo, a Nazi organization? .
Both the Neocons and Nazis controlled the media. The Nazis controlled radio stations and newspapers. Their mobs broke into newspapers and ransacked them, beat up editors and destroyed their presses. They took over radio and Dr. Goebbels made regular broadcasts accusing the opposition of treasonous activities, and attacking the Jews and Catholics. And there were no rebuttals.
Today, the former head of the Republican Party heads up a Right Wing Fox News Channel that attacks the President relentlessly every day. Rush Limbaugh from his Right Wing-backed commentaries on more than a thousand stations, syndicated by his bosses, Right Wing propaganda specialists like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan, Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly, and hundreds more are paid by huge corporations to spew endless lies and distortions so that even flights of angels could never have the time or ability to counter all of them.
90%…90%…or more…of talk radio is exclusively Right Wing propaganda. The Nazis controlled radio by simply killing or jailing anyone who disagreed. The Neocons are doing it by buying off or threatening people who object within the media…with a very small few exceptions. There are well-funded Right Wing organizations like Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute that make no pretense to being impartial. They work for big corporations to put out propaganda that supports privatization of Social Security or reductions in Medicare or more wars or anti-union messages.
That is their job. But who is to say that they wouldn’t do it with guns and dogs and police if they could. They work against the people buy sending out false information on health care on global warming on the economy and on our security. A radio commentator paid for in the tens of millions a year tells the most outlandish lies about virtually every progressive politician, and who is there to debate him…even though some of what he says must be obviously false to even the dumbest, least educated listener. Why is someone like Rush Limbaugh worth $400 million when he is not the first or even the second most popular host on radio in many markets? Who is paying the bill? And why?
The Nazis used mobs to get their points across in an emotional, non rational way. They would send mobs of ex-military goons, the S. A., to meetings to break them up and beat up the participants. In 2000, it is now known that the Neocons sent large numbers of people to Miami with the objective of disrupting the re-count of the popular vote.
This gave cover to the Supreme Court, who cut off the vote counting and with Justice Scalia making the deciding vote, appointed George. W. Bush as President. Later, too late to affect the outcome, the final vote count showed Gore to have been the winner. Hitler brokered his Chancellorship in much the same way, having a fire set that burned down the Capitol building to make his point.
As a matter of objectivity, it should be pointed out that Scalia’s son worked for the 2000 Republican campaign and that Scalia is a duck-hunting buddy of Dick Cheney whom his vote elected to the Vice Presidency.
The Nazis were book burners and had Nazi youth movements. The Neocons work to prohibit the teaching of science, Darwinian principles of anthropology, because it conflicts with Fundamentalist Christian “theology.” All those who are vehemently against global warming just happen to be from the oil producing states and are big recipients of oil industry money.
The Nazis favored and ultimately practiced sterilization of those it did not want to continue in society. The Neocons withheld foreign aid funds to any country using birth control measures that might help control population growth of over-populated, starving countries. The Neocons contolled the FDA. The FDA would not authorize the sale of the “Plan B” contraceptive, a pill that a woman could take within forty-eight hours of sexual activity and not become pregnant. It is not about eugenics. It is about appeasing the Right Wing Fundamentalist Ecumenical Christian fanatics who vote so heavily and contribute so much to the Party.
The Nazis packed the courts with Nazi Party members. This resulted in “legally” sending men and women to concentration camps for one of any number of generally trumped-up offenses broadly designated as “treasonous.” The Neocons had members of the Right Wing Federalist Society attorneys review the Neocon credentials of Justice Department lawyers and U.S. Attorney appointees. Over 150 law school graduates of one Right Wing religious college and another that was not even totally accredited were hired by the Neocons because of their belief in the Party. During the 2004 political campaign Karl Rove tried to have U.S. Attorneys appointed by the Bush Administration investigate some Democratic political candidates in public to discredit them. When nine refused, they were fired.
This could go on for thousands of more words. The fact is that the Right Wing of the Conservative Party has so many totalitarian similarities to the Nazis, that it is both dismaying and alarming. We may have barely escaped with our freedoms intact. We should never let these liars and fanatics come to power again. Republicans, yes, have a great tradition in this country, but these are not Republicans. These are Neocons, the new more moderate form of Nazi ideology. The comparison is simple. They, like the Nazis, want complete and total political control to benefit the big corporations and their religious and racist members. ......
scary!!!.... think about it , before it's too late folks!

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