Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a love letter to our earth from a cromagnon (who's not sure if he wants to associate with humans!)

words can be so dangerous, fear instilling catalysts for action... positive or negative...
... we are at the brink of an economic lemming tumbling down the cliffs...
I want us to   succeed as a race but we have to totally change our way of thinking before there is Armegeddon....   and our own terms with our god...our philosphy of surviving each day
I think that        we need to make a 10 step method of survival!! not necessarily prioritized!
( ibetter hurry with the 10 steps before Papa wants his puter back!) (now im back on my puter with the thick long white streak down the middle!)

1. see our life as a chess match and we might just see the future!
2. start thinking at least 3 steps ahead of the possible future
3.  start thinking of the way our young think and what they want of their very dangerous future
...even if there is no armegeddon,, there will be a mass amount of homo sapiens running over the metaphoric cliffs!).... devote our precious free moments to be with our future and they will pass on your concience  over future generations!
4. tighten our belts and learn to live a Spartan life with few material goods ...(the less plactics and landfill space that we leave our desc endants the better!)
5. get outside and ride your bike to work (something that will be good for our future children)
6. do one little thing for another human without expecting a return (play it forward)
(i ll think of some more later

on another note, every moment with my son is precious...   it is hard to have control of my family when 2/3rds of it is in the clutches of the inlaws...
but it's  at least peaceful that the other rug rats are on a cruise, while I don't have to struggle to even play with my child...

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