Monday, July 18, 2011

Fox News is just entertainment for right-wing rednecks

"Rupert Murdoch is emperor of the Fox News world empire.
I am glad that the public is now seeing that Fox News is just entertainment. For years just a few people knew that Fox News is entertainment. But now people are seeing that it is not focusing on the real stuff. If we could get rid of Fox News, life would get closer to making sense. Next we need to get rid of neo-cons. Just think about it, America was founded by democrats. Fox News bashes democrats and even supports republicans! When you compare CNN or MSNBC to Fox News you would see a difference. CNN focuses on fair game, Fox News just says something bad will happen when a democrat wins. But all we can say at Escape the Okie Zone's Escape Zone is that sometime in the future Fox News is going to come to a close or face a major downfall."

this is from a good friend from one of the next generations!... our future after our generation is gone or taking liquids from a nurse, before we eventually part this least as a thinking entity (unless there's another place for our souls.. God only knows!
I'm hoping that the downfall will come sooner than later.. it is scary that one person that runs this media conglomerate could have done so much damage to the world... Bush would never have been able to get by with stealing the elections twice... and this whole Republican movement to destroy the govt as we know it and put it into the hands of a few powerfully rich people@!

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