Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big fat beach bum....who's getting skinnier!@

the inlaws call me a big fat bum!!
but a bum doesn't have 2 places in 2 different hemispheres!

.... but Im less wt than the avg obese okie or Arkie

finally in my own home! Hallelulah!

so we all decide to escape the unites  states of arkies and okies!
but I will be a big fat bum on the beaches of Oz!

for me the choice is obvious!

1 comment:

  1. A big, fat bum! Ha ha ha! That's too funny, G!
    I always had you pegged as an intellectual, International Man of Means with a physique envied by men half your age!
    A big, fat bum? Seriously? You're one of the most impressive persons I've ever known, and I've known you longer than they have. You know how parents are, nobody's going to be good enough for their daughter, but she surely could have done a lot worse. Think how many mother-in-laws wish they had a son-in-law that was half as accomplished as you are. Big fat bum. Sheesh. Please don't take this sort of defamation personally. You're awesome and one needs to look no farther than the beautiful son you've given this world to know that (not to mention you place on the beach, your home in the states, educational and professional background, teaching experience, etc., etc.)


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