Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"The ammunition of the culture wars presently waging in America is words. George Santayana was not wrong when he noted "Words are weapons, and it is dangerous . . . to borrow them from the arsenal of the enemy." The Republican Party, aided and abetted by the powerful AM talk radio conservatives, has found the most useful and efficient word of all in its arsenal–the word "liberal." Call someone a liberal, and you are able to instantly invalidate everything that person says, and worse to invalidate that person. Call a person you don't agree with a liberal, and whatever evidence is brought to light in a reasonable discussion is reduced to meaninglessness. The word "liberal" is a word that is used to deflate any argument based on reason. It is a word used to shut down any dissent. It is a word with the intent to isolate, sublimate, scapegoat, and group so-called undesirables who do not "tow the line," and it is a political tactic used by the right to marginalize the politically and religiously moderate who do not necessarily agree with the prevailing opinions of the political far right, and religious far right. It is a word the minority right wing "culture warriors" use that has effectively controlled the largest voting population of America–the moderates. And the moderates, up to this point, have been powerless to effectively resist the constant barrage of attacks from AM talk radio conservative "shock jocks" like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Michael Savage, and Neil Boortz. The current use and meaning of the word "liberal" as used by all of these AM talk radio conservative talk jocks as well as Ann Coulter is now synonymous with the words "enemy of the state" and "traitor" (and unbelievably, the words Communist and Socialist, now linked erroneously with Democrats and "liberals" are back in full force as these twisted celebrity conservatives now wave the "Red Scare" flag that has been retired since McCarthy was publicly humiliated and since the Soviet Union fell). As reasonable and conscientious people wonder how this war began, and why the far right wishes to scapegoat those who do not agree with them, it behooves those who are possessed of an inquiring mind to know exactly how this one word continues to inflame, scapegoat and perpetuate the culture wars, and how this one word will drive us to the brink of civil war if reasonable voices do not prevail. Let us then investigate the etymology of this word "liberal."
To start, we will root this discussion in what the word "liberal" means from a political context. The Oxford Compact English Dictionary notes that the origin of the word comes from the Latin liberalis, meaning "generous, courteous, gentlemanly." The rest of the definition is as follows:
liberal (adj.) 1. Willing to respect and accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own. 2. (of a society, law, etc.) favourable to individual rights and freedoms. 3. (in politics) favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate reform.
The word liberal, from this definition, infers a benign person or group who tolerates all viewpoints. It is a word that supports capitalism, and free trade. It infers being educated, and being willing to be educated. It is not a word that is owned by any particular political group. Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican and a liberal, having made a priority of setting up the American national park system. Abraham Lincoln was a progressive, liberal Republican who died for freeing the slaves, and having to wage war with the South so that they would not be allowed to tear this United States apart.      "
You actually feel the hatred towards liberals in oklahoma , where it's a dirty word!
 and people here love Fox News and actually believe this station is telling the truth!

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