Sunday, June 19, 2011

outta the OKIE ZONE and back into the ARKY ZONE!  TOUCHDOWN RAZORBACKS!
My son would say this before his 2nd birthday!
Now he can count to 13, and the principle of saving his 3 dollars and will soon have one more to save up for more toys!!
Fiscal responsibility...
something this country has forgotten to do since the  Great Depression!

so it's Daddy's Day!... and it's dawning on me , the fact that I'm a daddy!.. I was in Oz, this time last year!  my honey's ex husband passed away Friday night, so it has impacted the life of my stepson.  But my stepson is doing remarkably  well!...!

it's so wonderful becoming a father at this late age and I wish that I could share with you his videos to show his growth.. He has quite an arm..this shows how fast his pitch is.. to dangerous inside when he's learning what is safe to throw!

Im gonna have to get help from LA on how to upload videos... a lot has happened but I don't know if it's safe to talk about the current squatter staying in my place for free..while he owes me so much work! it's my own fault for letting these types of people to live at my place for free... walking off with free with a tax free haven while I get stuck with the taxes and insurance...

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