Sunday, June 12, 2011

Would Christians call us blessed?

on another note, my son Colin, just counted to 13 without a mistake!!
It just seemed a few days ago that he could only count to 3.. I arrive back from 3 days in the Okie Zone and he is so much smarter... Like pre-k to K!

I am so thankful that we had a water birth in John Flynn hospital on the Gold Coast! No drugs were used so he had that extra head start from right at birth and I let Colin lay on my bare chest for a long time .. wonderful bonding

I helped my beautiful wife with the process in a hot tub of water!

Thanks Jesus, I pulled an all nighter last night!

The midwife was the best! And it was on film!...(hopefully I can figure out how to work that camera!! but slowly and surely I will get things together!)

it is beautiful here in this little town nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks
while I'm watching this show in the most gorgeous part of the evening,

missing my son, after Mom in l. takes him away from our bubble blowing session outside in their beautiful large yard, anxious that Colin go to her new church ... do i seem a little concerned that this could be the start of a ritual that often happens in southern fundamentalist families??... 
where the young children are indoctrinated into believing in Jesus and the bible..
perhaps they start believing in Santa Claus??
until they realize that flying reindeer and a chubby Santa going down the dirty fireplace visiting every home, is a little harder to believe than Jesus walking on water.. and they lose their belief in Santa from age 5 to 10 perhaps??,
but often never lose their belief in Jesus
and maybe all the miracles he performed depending on which form of indoctrination they have been going through???

(i know that this is pretty heavy stuff and think that some will read this and become i am generally selective, but i made the mistake of mentioning it to my honey's younger brother, and his immediate dislike was shown and later derisively in front of my sarcastic dad in l... a good incidence of bullying...
i'm learning a lot from this dateline show on bullying!)

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