Sunday, June 12, 2011

(maybe 1 of these days, somebody could tell me which essays they like or hate??...esp all u haters;)
it's so wonderful to have a Sunday with my family...
i'm gonna see how long I can survive without a cup of coffee...
I woke up early this morning with a good stretch of 7 hours sleep(?)...waking up to hear my very talented (physically and mentally) son...
it's nice to be alone in my in laws' large house...

I'm hoping that I'll get to be in my own home, especially when I need a break (from the sometime negative vibes), at least for a fortnight
but it's going to be a hard battle just to be able to park in my own driveway
and the squatter will be long gone....
wondering how this will all be settled (but it's so wonderful to have good friends!)..
and we can have a celebration back in the Okie Zone !!..

yesterday , while on the long car drive back to the beautiful Ozarks at the beginning of summer, before it gets tremendously humid and muggy,
I had some great ideas for some short stories (which could turn into longer book as I put more work itto it!)
I was thinking I was coasting down the hills of Arkansas, how cool it would be to write a story of Garvald going back in time over 150 years in time!

I thought of my ancestor's brother, Lt. George Macbayne, coming over from Scotland! Garvald goes back in time so save him because of his  desire to help fellow humans from bondage.
Lt. George had died trying to escape from a war prison in South Carolina.
It would be wonderful to research that time period and how my ancestor was captured and about his exciting trip from Scotland to the new world!
if I have mornings without much interuption when there isn't a lot of noise...
but I will have to set an appointment with myself in the future to devote 3 or 4 hours to brainstorming the ideas for this fantastic idea... CrowMac helped remind me about the idea of time travel to the Civil War,
and the story of my ancestor...
perhaps he had a love interest and his soulmate gave birth to a beautiful
southern belle, when he worked as a spy behind enemy lines (but how did he disguise his brogue accent from the East Lothian village of Garvald less than a 100 miles from Edinburgh.
June 16-18

Assault on Petersburg
Lieutenant James Bullis and 6 enlisted men were killed or mortally wounded and Lieutenant Colonel Hammell, Major Nelson, Captain James Derrickson, Lieutenants Friederich Herzberg, Adolph Nelson and George Macbayne and 47 enlisted men captured. The regiment totalled only 70 officers and enlisted men after the battle.

I am indebted to 0. E. Dahl, late lieutenant
15th Wisconsin Infantry, for the following par
ticulars relative to the murder of Lieut. Mac-
bayne, which occurred after my escape from

On the morning of the first of December,
1864, at Camp Sorghum, about ten o clock,
the camp was startled with the report of a mus
ket, and soon the report spread through camp that Lieut. Macbayne, 68th New York, had
been shot murdered by the guard, a Mr.
Williams, of Newbury Court House, S. C.

Macbayne was walking along a path that ran
by the corner of a hut, near the dead line, but
inside of it.

Along this path the prisoners had walked

hundreds of times without fear, for it was on our
own ground. As Macbayne came along, the
guard brought his piece to the shoulder, halted,
and ordered him back. He turned to go,
walked a step or two, when the villain shot
him through the back, the ball passing through
his lungs. He staggered a few steps, fell, and
died within a few minutes.

Not only did Major Griswold refuse to inves
tigate the matter, but after the murderer had
been relieved by the officer of the day, he sent
him back on duty that afternoon on the front
line, and also into camp the next morning, sur
rounded by a body guard, for fear the officers
would do violence to him an insult of the
blackest dye. "

I need to do more research on my ancestor. His sword was sent to my greatgrandfather in Oz and now my older brother, Ron, still has the sword!
wow! Hollywood ended up making a movie about the horrible prison called "Andersonville".

on another note, my son,
Colin, just counted to 13 without a mistake!!

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