Saturday, June 25, 2011

it's really rough when my parent in laws' ex son in law passes away
and get stuck with a bill
consoling daddy in law with a 8k bill is far better than a 65k bill!
so in the meantime, I'm attempting to survive in the southern red states
and hoping to soon extracate my family from the tentacles of the inlaw clan!
In the meantime, sneaking on their puter, hoping that they won't read this too soon, but I should feel guilty when dad in law drives our jeep that I put a years take home pay as a teacher to pay for it! when I specifically asked the inlaws not to drive it while away in Oz...
so I have this weekend bonding with my beautiful son hoping soon to go swimming after getting some coffee at MCDS!

while baby sitting my son, I left the little metal butter melting on the stove, but after I turned off the stove, not realizing that it would give off so much heat still,,
more than enough to melt the butter for our popcorn! my son is already addicted to not just late night popcorn but at all times of the day!

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