Friday, June 10, 2011

I always wonder why we as humans sometime let ourselves become so         exposed....and the exhibiotinism in so many of the folks in the limelight gets them into so much trouble as they reach the borders of what the public will tolerate!!
so do we want to share our trials and tribulations with total strangers
who come across these ramblings
while time flies by rapidly??, but
it's the short long visits with my good friend , Charles
that help me mark this trail of life...
we want to desperately etch ourselves
on the cave walls that will be found      and rediscovered by future e/devolving hominids...

having a beer or two while we mostly   reflect...
it's so good to have a listener, a muse.    to help you put a perspective on life...
he meets me at the intersections of     our crossroads of life....

I have so much to do as we prepare to    to finally escape the clutches of the Okie Zone...
and I have to figure out step by step our plans for our future
as our son grows rapidly physically and mentally....
but I'm realizing that these ethereal   lofty goals and just the pleasure of happiness
for our family for hopefully the next   20 years...
I redefine my person as I learn how   to cope in a very angry, hostile world
that will take from you
until you find the life rafts of good friends to
flow succesfully along the rip

Today was overall a good day
and wish that I could go into more detail
as with new good friends helping me  steer our life raft
surfing the negative and positive forces/waves

and then it's wonderful to top off a great day chatting wth my good friend, on the other hemisphere,Stu!

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