Saturday, May 21, 2011


so, Dude, what are u looking for?
 The only place of refuge is the bathroom… that’s why its so nice to have your man/woman cave (to all the female readers..) back in the Ozarks for all enquiring minds…
Deciding what to do about the situation… how much time have I invested in all this…more than half of my life in the worst(? so far)

While I have to decide this perhaps this weekend…
And I have to face the demons and go through with it…
Need to tell the squatter that ill be back there somtime and hopefully take  care of business…
Tie up as many loose ends….and have no worries that my home is well taken care of..

who's your little friend here, Mark?
While the rug rats in law keep knocking on the door of the lavatory…at least the door is locked before I watch a recording of the Great Lebowski...(ill tell u about meeting a double of Sam Elliot in this pub in an old building of a neighboring suburb and how I thought that I might be in a remake of the funny movie... i had to go back there to pick up my coffee cup given to Tohatchi teachers that I left there...and there was sam to greet me again!!)

Do I need another few more hours being slave to the autos on a
Road trip!! to see my stepsons basketball game in Little Rock...or do i hang out and watch the great movie with the stupendous Jeff Bridges??

wheres the little dude?
i have yet to read the letter from my builder...wondering how i could make it into an essay of my mood before and after I look at his perspective on my home...that ive invested more than half of  life in this anchor that has only caused at least im laughing at this movie and think about the chorus(S. Elliot) talking about the DUDE'S adventures

did u get ur coffee mug, Dude?

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