Tuesday, May 03, 2011

forgive my brainstorming, but Im filled with thoughts, and it all needs editing...

May 3, 2011, 9:52 AM

… as if my parents (guardian angels were speaking to me)..
Fantastic ideas came to me … but yesterday I found some herb hidden away in my car for a rainy day... and maybe that was the catalyst for all of this...and the sun was beaming into my inlaws house

giving us all a respite from this deluge of rain that has been following us to both hemispheres of the globe... there was flooding in Oz and now there's flooding in the Ozarks...
 and then when I was talking to angela after playing with Colin....she said that I have lots of great ideas but what comes to fruition?.. I told her that I've  always had this dream/vision of living on the beach
and bringing up a family (if I were to have one of my own) in our little Shangri La (could be Mermaid Beach)...and so now I shouldnt feel guilty about just devoting the next couple of years to being good parents for our son until the $ runs out..

I realize that folks with ADD can often be dreamers... they have visions but most often these trees of ideas don't ever bear fruit, because people don't take the little baby steps to get there!

I had the epiphanies when I was talking to her..and I need her and our son to help…
Kind of goes in line with the note from Mum in Law written "To whom it may concern"
about going to the store to make ingredients for a dinner tonight when she gets home from tutoring…
To go get things for dinner…pasta, celery, veggies, flax, rice..

And then I need to take the camera and we can get things together..angela has cash..
I had a dream that was so filled with activities.. I was walking up these winding stairs but maybe it was like walking up the 4 floors of Monroe High School.. but it was like a museum (or just a large building with lots of activities and clutter)...I would be distracted by the mirror and would thing of ways to cut my hair, because believe it or not, I often have a full head of hair in my dreams...
I was traumatized in my late adolescence when I started losing my hair...and see it left on the pillow...
but after waking up from this dream, I was suddenly invigorated with all the things we had to do

especially for our son, our future... and our children are our future!

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