Monday, April 04, 2011

The dangers of Prograsstination

how do u like my new sunnies??
  i suppose the Aussies were anticlimactic coming in last behind my good friend,Stu. He had a little smile as we waited for the waves in that very choppy weather...fighting for last place... or just letting my friend get ahead of me as we struggled to the shore through the turbulent water....
as the others waited for us to run...

later in the morning, I was fighting again for second last place in the first leg of the Taplin relay...
I saw the other competitor when we turned around for the first buoy

I saw the other struggling competitor when we turned around for the first buoy.. I just had the mental energy to relax and hang with him after seeing the rest of the wave of swimmers leaving me in the distance,
 that I could overtake him at anytime just keeping with this other poor bloke’s struggling like me in the waves

Stu waiting to race in the ironman event

We took a wave and let it tumble as both and then we looked at each other with the shock of being spun around but having fun …

I came in to tag my teammate, Wayne, waiting patiently for me but still congratulating me for getting through   afer I hobbled (my poor left knee blew out in the previous race) around the flags to tap him at the start his leg , the ski (kayak), of the taplin relay … the board leg was last and we came in tenth… we had to be 8th to get in the final

soon it will be back to reality and finally hopefully takin care of business in the many declining states of still being american (maybe I should enter this phrase in the urban dictionary...??)

  should have filed, mate! do I have bags from stressing out and losing sleep?
umm, maybe I need a face lift?

i didnt want to open our family care package over the weekend (so it would ruin the weekend of the Aussies) and traumatically see the horrendously big bill from the IRS for putting off filing for the IRS, so now I have to show them how that year was a financial loss with only half a year of teaching....
theyre showing that I earned a lot more ..
.and thinking that Im helping to funding the cost of a soldier to be in wars for control of the declining petroleum wells... a  little bit towards the million $$ /year it cost for him/her to be
I kinda wish Dad was still alive ,
according to the butterfly effect, I wouldnt have met Dad
and the chances of Colin's sperm making in that one microcosmic session wonderful love....
and then us finding out we would be parents from a little kit from the dollar store!!
is truth better than fiction??

but id probably still be teaching and not be a father...
being a father was the biggest gift from the Powers that be...

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