Monday, April 04, 2011

"try to understand why some people "backstab" or double-cross. A backstabber is someone who pretends to be your friend, or to be on your side, and then turns around and does or says things that lead to you being harmed, exposed, or treated badly as a result of things they suggest or reveal. Backstabbing is a form of manipulation and reveals a person who is disloyal, insecure, and very unsure of their own place. Understanding the motivations behind backstabbing can help you to find ways to deal with it, as well as showing you that the backstabber is very often a person with poor emotional resources and is probably a very unhappy individual. While that doesn't excuse their behavior, it can reassure you that the backstabber is probably like this with many people and needs to be treated objectively as someone to careful of. Reasons why people resort to backstabbing include: "

I could get upset about people... folks that I have trusted and they inevitably stab you in the back...
and wonder where do u draw the line... where its time for u to make a stand and not let them continue walking all over u...

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