Thursday, March 31, 2011

another morning as i come to the reality that im in another perhaps stronger (?) life and it could be more fullfilling than the last half...perhaps it could be an enlightenment/renaissance...
getting over the little things in life that hinder me from enjoying life...

yeh im weird or a nice more flattering term could be eccentric as I have my own little world...and my own philosophy of how best to live love....
the reality of the earth from my conciousness ...(as i watch another good movie on Oz TV.. they have the best almost uninterupted movies at night  ...) with Gerard Depardieu and Katherine Deneuve
i slept from about 5 till 10pm!! my hours are weird but then i can relate to the hours that Winston Churchill had. He wrote his most inspiring speeches
  to the British when they were invaded by the Nazis after having long naps in the evening..and wake up to do his best writing...
more and more I realize how it is so important to spend time with my son as i prepare him to live in this brave new world!
its important that I write a little bit to you each day!

meanwhile as our democracy falls apart:
(AP) CLEVELAND - Gov. John Kasich on Thursday signed into law a limit on the collective bargaining rights of 350,000 public workers, defying Democrats and other opponents of the measure who have promised to push for repeal.
His signature came a day after the measure was approved by the state House and Senate, which are led by his fellow Republicans.
The measure prompted weeks of pro-labor protests by thousands of people amid a national debate over union rights, keyed by a similar bill passed in Wisconsin and signed by the governor there.
The 350,000 public workers covered under the law can still negotiate wages and certain work conditions - but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. The measure also does away with automatic pay raises and bases future wage increases on merit.

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