Saturday, February 12, 2011

winning the handicap surf swim race!!

is that Daddy taking the winning wave??
I was chatting with my good friend who's been a  veteran lifeguard for well over 3 decades about the perfect surf race...He had written an essay about making everything right for that winning race...
and believe it or not today was the most perfect day to win that race that ive been dreaming of for years!!... finally figuring  the strategy!!   ... i will go into more detail as i let my wife know if she wants to go to church with  some other veterans of the surf club...
what a place.!! (especially on Sunday!)..i think she's getting it that you cant find a better place... at least in our lifetime!!
ive took some pics of our beach tent while my honey relaxes in our little living room right at the edge of the rising tide!!

ill write in more detail about the winning race lata mates!!

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