Thursday, February 03, 2011

sorry that I havent been posting

my computer has been down again, but Im loving it here other than an irate renter downstairs who thinks that the beach and the yard are his to enjoy!! He verbally harrasses us  with abusive language everytime we even sit on what he thinks is his yard (it's communal property for all 8 units!)
it's hard driving down under...Its really with roundabouts and going up this vertical climb!
so Ive had to deal with emotionally disturbed students and a controlling peace corp nut, and nutty nieghbors all over the world!!
so what is new??...
it doesnt matter if you are in  paradise or Oz...there are jerks all over the world!!
on top of that my cameras arent working again , but this photo of Colin was sent to me and I can't turn it to horizontal!!

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  1. Yeah, I was starting to worry. You've been having quite the summer Down Under!