Friday, February 18, 2011

As For Us...

Hey Garvald! It appears as though you have found the true meaning of inner peace; your son running free style on the beach and you with the late summer tan. I trust your beautiful wife is enjoying life in the garden as well.
I wish it were true for us. The snow disappeared two days ago, and we’ve seen the sun, a seemingly rare commodity here in the Midwest. But the Iowa caucuses are on the horizon and shadowy figures are stirring up the sheep. Crooked fingers are pointing in the direction of the usual suspects, and nothing that is wholesome or good is safe. Woe be unto the unions, Planned Parenthood, educators, honesty and integrity. Puppets belonging to corporate America and the very rich are dirty dancing in spiked shoes on the well being of the middle class, and the sheep are readying themselves for the alter.
Other than this, things are going okay. Keep in touch. CrowMac

Thanks, Crowmac, for your heartfelt post!  It is a scary world Colin is inheriting... gone are the good republican leaders who really cared about the people... gone are those days of caring...

in the meantime, Im swimming in the surf race again tomorrow morning and then a carnival of events for next weekend with the Gold Coast titles...I don't believe these kind of corporate puppets would be allowed in Australia! The middle working class is still very strong!

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